Your body presents the image that you have in your mind about yourself. This image includes your mental state and your physical wellbeing also.

This also encompasses the various aspects of your personality. When you dream of a body part, various conditions of your mind may get expressed albeit often in an exaggerated manner.

For example, if you see a broken body part it may represent your damaged ego or say morale or perhaps you have lost the capability of standing up for yourself; if you see a dead body it may denote that a certain emotion in you is lost forever – it may be your sensuality or your “self pride” or any other such feelings.

Here is a comprehensive yet concise list of various parts of human body and the related analysis thereof when these body parts appear in your dreams –

Body Part Interpretation
Ankle When you see ankle in your dream it may suggest that you have direction and would also find support. You may have difficulty initially but would be able to take it all to your stride. Secretly or openly there would be helping hand coming your way.
Anus This relates to the feeling of discarding something – it may be a relationship that has gone sour or a person with whom you are having trouble.
Arm This denotes strength and ability to perform.
Back This denotes something that you are unaware of. Hidden enemies, or opposition from loved ones or in love life.
Blood This denotes some kind of severe disappointment or rejection.
Bones In one way it may denote strength and support. In other way it may mean bared to the bones implying poverty.
Brain Resembling intelligence this implies that you shall find success in all that you attempt to do, including romance and other relationships.
Breast This denotes maternal love and affection, and also female sexuality. This means that you shall be surrounded with friends and loved ones.
Buttocks This represents humility and immature behavior. This may also mean that you may need to forgive someone.
Cheeks Pink and rosy cheeks have always been associated with good health and cheer. This would mean that you shall be blessed with good health, happiness, and would be surrounded by ones you love. You shall be loved back in return too.
Chest Chest resembles life. Chest encloses heart and as such denotes generosity. This means that you shall be blessed with happiness.
Ear Ear denotes reception. It means you should be aware to receive signs and symbols that are trying to warn you of dangers and enmity.
Eye Eyes give you sight. They make you see things with clarity. You probably need to consider some aspect of your life with more care.
Eyelashes Eyelashes are coy and allure. In a dream they may suggest that you are not seeing something clearly or that you need to open up your mind to something.
Face Face gives you identity and in your dreams it denotes displeasure with your image of “self”.
Finger Fingers denote sensitivity and awareness. They say that you are going to reach to the pinnacles of success by balancing your virtues.
Fingernails You are ready to handle situations that life throws at you.
Foot You should chalk out the proper direction and views towards life or else you may wander off.
Hair You have had a closed attitude towards application of mind. You have perhaps been careless about your personal affairs and need to give them more attention.
Hand Hands represent capability and competence. You are probably expecting some big work ahead.
Head Head represents intelligence and capability to understand. You shall be able to handle any situation that life throws at you through your wisdom and sensibility.
Heart When you see heart in your dreams it means you feel contented about your various relationships.
Hips To dream about your hips bring the news of something positive.
Intestines They denote that you shall not be able to find success in your personal affairs.
Jaw They represent determination and willpower. You shall be able to take any hurdle to your stride, albeit after an initial period of struggle.
Joint Joints connect various parts of your body. Joints in dreams denote better connection with the loved ones in your life. They also bring news of financial prosperity.
Knee When you see knees in your dreams it suggests that you may be subjected to humiliation, or you may have to bend down to achieve something.
Leg It gives you freedom of movement and in a dream it means direction.
Lips You shall be able to communicate a message properly.
Liver They denote unpleasant times and that you are being unable to hold on to good times.
Lungs When you see lungs in your dreams they suggest that you should think out of the box and expand the horizons of your mind and life.
Mouth You shall feel nourished and enriched.
Muscles These represent power and strength. You shall be able to tackle anything that comes your way in life.
Neck Neck is related to a feeling of resentment and jealousy. You need to examine certain relationships and work on them.
Nose You have the power of intuition and sensibility to gauge various aspects of a relationship.
Penis This represents power to perform. You are full of energy and vitality. It is a good time to accomplish new projects and also complete those that are pending for a while.
Shoulders You have the strength to shoulder any responsibility that comes your way. It may also mean that you have a shoulder to lean on and share your responsibilities.
Skeleton You feel bare, you have disclosed something completely. It may also denote your emotion of falling apart trying to connect the loose ends of your life.
Skin Use your sensitivity to think judgmentally before you take any major decision.
Stomach You have a deep sense of understanding by the virtue of which you can assimilate any information.
Teeth Generic displeasure or your anxiety to lose someone or something.
Thigh This represents that you are probably been tattle telling and being irrational in your approach.
Throat This is associated with pleasure and represents your happiness as you experiment with new things in life.
Tongue Tongue denotes pleasure and how to have new experiences. It may also mean open to adventures.
Vagina Apart from being representation of female sexuality it also denotes reception. This implies that you are open to receive new things in life – be it emotions and ideas or anything.

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