Cars are commonly reported to appear in dreams, especially in developed countries where cars have become integral part of urban lifestyle.

People depend largely on transportations, public or private, to take them to their destination, and how dependant you feel about such vehicles. As in any other dream, analysis of the dream depends on the specific contexts. Cars often show you in your dreams how you are faring through life.

Cars in your dreams can represent the physical state of your body, the condition of your mind, your “self pride” or ego, how you perceive your personality, your consciousness and/ or the direction in which your life is heading. Cars also can show you how you perceive your social image or social status.

It can also tell you what you think about the degree of power and status that you hold in your life environment – be it in your social circle, your family or at your work place. They also tell you how much control you have over your life, or at least as per your belief and conception. They also tell you the perspective that you have in your mind about moving from one phase of your life to the next.

While you analyze dreams about cars, start by finding answers to the following questions –


Various points to consider while analyzing Car Dreams


  • Where are you located in the car?

Your position in the car is also vital to determine the meaning that your car dream is trying to convey. Also whether you see other people located in the car, and their emotions or expressions. Remember that there are times when your own wants and emotions or feelings get expressed via other people in your dreams. Also supposing you see that you are driving the car, it means that you have control over the car, and this would denote that you are aware of the direction your life is heading for. If you see yourself seated in the backseat it may suggest that you have a passive approach towards life.

  • How is the condition of the ride?

The condition of the ride is often conducive of the hurdles that you perceive facing or are actually facing in your life. A red traffic sign to stop is a message that spells of impending danger. Bumpy rides denote that you are not enjoying your life. Rocky roads say that your life is full of hurdles.

  • How is the condition of the car?

The condition of the car is conducive of the condition that you perceive you or your life is in at present. A flat tire means that you are probably facing difficulty in moving ahead in life. Losing control over your car means that you fear losing control over your life or a particular situation that is in your mind. An overheated car may suggest that you are perhaps feeling too exhausted and burnt out that it is time you took things a little slow in life.

  • Are there other vehicles around you?

Whether you are surrounded by other cars too is an important point to consider. Other cars could represent the other aspects of your nature or life, or may also symbolize some other people in your life. Surrounded by too many cars in your dream can mean that you are surrounded by many people in your life; or depending on the context, it could also mean that you feel suffocated and/ or overwhelmed.

  • What is the color of the car?

Colors are considered very important aspect in dream analysis and each color has a different meaning attached to it; as such it is important that you remember the color of the car that you saw in your dreams.

  • What emotions do you feel in the dream?

The analysis of your dream would be largely dependent on the feelings you experience in your dream. The same incident can give varied reactions and evoke different emotions in different people. For example – a car that is speeding may evoke the sensations of thrill and excitement in one person, while the same situation can cause panic and fear to another person.


Various Kinds of Cars and their Symbolisms


  • Cable Cars, Trains, Subways and Buses

These cars run on a path set by others and cannot deviate from them. This means that you do not have control over the direction in which your life is heading. These cars carry people en mass – so you are following the common man and are not curving a niche for yourself. Missing scheduled train or bus or subway may indicate missing an opportunity or target.

  • Carriage

Carriages are outdated. Are you holding on to something from the past? It could be an idea or a relationship or an object. Carriage denotes that you have not been able to move on with the advancement of time. These may also indicate that you like things to happen in a traditional way. Carriages are also found in fairy tales – this may mean that you have some unrealistic goals or ideas.

  • Golf Cart

This may suggest of a laid back approach to life. You are probably too careless to take note of the tone of urgency in any situation. It may also mean that you are not very serious about the efforts you put in your pursuits.

  • Go-Kart

These could represent the various hopes and aspirations that you have in life and the plans that you chalk out to get to them. These may also suggest that no matter how much the course of life may meander, you shall be able to steer right to the direction of your target.

  • Haunted Car

These represent unfulfilled targets or wishes. This may also mean that something from the past is prevailing in your mind and occupying your thoughts to a great extent. This could be in any arena of your life. Perhaps these are creating obstacles preventing you from moving forward.

  • Industrial Car

These are associated with efforts and labor. Depending upon the context in which you see this dream, these could bring you the message that perhaps you are working too hard, or on the contrary you need to put in a lot of efforts to move ahead in your life.

  • Police Car

Police car generally rushes to help people. Police car makes sure that the law and order is maintained. Police car in your dreams may suggest that you shall get all the help that you require or you reached out for. Or perhaps you have bound your life with too many rules and regulations.

  • Race Car

These denote speed and competition. You are probably racing too fast in your life in your pursuit of life’s goals and targets. If you see two cars racing each other, you may be either competing in life with someone or for something, or you may have conflicting ideas in your mind.

  • Stolen Car

Stolen car generally brings you the message that you feel stranded and unable to take control over things, or you feel robbed of your own identity, depending upon the context in which you see the dream.

  • Toy Car

Seeing a toy car in your dream suggests that you are looking to control the various aspects of your life. When you play with a toy car you are in command, and that is what you are seeking to happen in your real life too.


Various kinds of situations in cars and their symbolisms


  • Car Accident or Being Hit by a Car


The analysis of this dream would also depend largely upon the context of events that have been or are part of your life. You probably are experiencing a feeling of emotional breakdown. Or someone has stampeded over your hopes and desires.  It may also suggest that you are probably moving too fast or recklessly in life, and you would crash if you don’t slow down.


  • Car Dealership


When you are at a car dealership you have before you a plethora of options – it is up to you to make the choice. This is what your dream denotes too. The choice you make would determine the way your life would be headed.


  • Car Fire


Fire in your car can be interpreted in two ways. One, it says that you have been given the opportunity to turn a new leaf and start life afresh all over again. Two, it may be an expression of your innate anger and frustration that are probably eroding you to ashes from within.


  • Carjacked


You no longer have control over your life or at least a certain situation in your life. Your life is being controlled by someone or some other factor and you can in no way influence it.


Various kinds of car parts and their symbolisms


  • Car battery: This relate to your energy level and stamina. If you see that your car is full on battery it suggests that you are fully charged up to take all that is needed to make your life move in a focused and forward direction. Dead car batteries suggest that you are too exhausted and burnt out and you need to take a break.


  • Car radiator: You are probably getting too anxious, worried or worked out over something. Just as car radiators need to be cooled down when they get heated up, you too need to take things a little easy.


  • Carburetor: These may have different meanings depending on the context of your dream. On one hand it can mean that there is balance and harmony and equilibrium in your life, on the other hand it may suggest that you nurture something that is outdated.


  • Gas tank: This means that you need to check out on the resources that you have to take your life forward, and if needed you should refill them. This may also be a hint towards your health, and you are probably being warned to take care of your heath.


  • Handles: Handles may actually represent a lot of things. If you find yourself struggling with the handles, it may indicate that you are in vain trying to escape from some situation in life. It may also suggest that you are contemplating to change the focus and direction of your life.


  • Horn: Horn may suggest that it is warning you of some impending danger. It may also suggest that you are trying to attract some attention towards you.


  • Steering wheel: Steering wheel represents control. They tell you how much control you have over your life. If you see that you cannot control the steering wheel it means that your life has either gone out of control or you feel anxious that it may go out of your control.


  • Tires: A tire is what takes the car where it has to go. A set of properly working tires ensures that your car is headed in the right direction, and so is your life. Flat tires often denote exhaustion.


  • Trunk: Trunk is situated in the back of your car. Trunk carries the baggage. Trunk of a car in your dream as such suggests how much burdened you feel with your life. It may also suggest that you are perhaps being influenced by something from the past.


  • Window: Windows allow a breath of fresh air. When you focus on car windows in your dreams it suggests that you are probably contemplating new ideas in your life. It may also mean that you need to open up your mind for fresh perspectives.


  • Windshield wipers: These represent your perception of life. The clearness of your windshield wipers denote the clarity that you have about life and its mission. These may also represent the clarity of your perception of yourself and how deeply you understand your own feelings and emotions.


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