Death dreams are one of the most common ones that are reported to dream analysts or psychologists.

Naturally these are one of the most horrific forms of dreams too since it is always traumatizing to see death, especially if you dream of the death of someone dear or it even may be so that you are dreaming of your own death.

There are myths and superstitions that try to establish dreams on deaths to be ill omens and inauspicious. However, you should feel relaxed to know that Death Dreams do not always have negative connotations.

Analyses of Death Dreams are as usual very subjective, and the results greatly depend on the emotional standpoint of the person concerned, the person’s life experiences, and also on what exactly the person sees in the dreams.

  • Does dreaming about death relate to death in real life as well?


Dreams about death do not necessarily mean that it is warning of an impending death, either of yourself or in the family or extended social circle. More often than not it has deeper implications; unless, of course, you are dreaming of a death that has happened in the past. In that case however it would be suggestive of the fact that you are still in the process of coming to terms with that death; or the fact that perhaps you miss the person whom death took away from you.


  • Why am I dreaming about death?


Dreams about death can happen in various phases of life. According to researchers these dreams often indicate that your mind is accepting a symbolic ending – it could be a phase in your life, a change in your professional scenario or academics, a relationship, etc. It could also be your way of resolving anxiety or anger that you have been facing for a while and are getting over with at present. It may also be that you are a little worried about entering a phase of life that you are not sure about – basically these are believed to be triggered by the fear of the unknown. It may also indicate that you are ready to embrace a new beginning.


  • What do dreams about death tell me?


Death dreams also provide you an opportunity of introspection. It gives you an opportunity to delve deep within and then find out if there has been any factor that is causing you anger, resentment, sorrow or anxiety. If you address those issues, it is likely that you shall be able to find inner peace and would not have death dreams any longer.


  • Is there any way I could avoid such horrific dreams?


Death dreams often cause a lot of trauma. More often than not you do not have much to do to avoid or induce a particular dream – be it on death or be it on any other subject. The only way perhaps you could ease your mind is to try and find inner peace and by coming to terms with any fear or anxiety that you may have deep within you. breathing exercises and meditation may help you to relax your body and mind in general and help you to get some relief from stress and anxiety.


  • Are death dreams linked to cultural symbolism in any way?


Scientists are of the opinion that most people are uncertain about their own death. Many people keep thinking about death – how and when it would happen, if they would suffer during it, what would happen after death, so on and so forth. Different cultures around the world have different notions and beliefs about death and its aftermath. People at their subconscious level keep on thinking about such stuff. Dreams on death are basically the ways in which the subconscious mind brings forth the various notions that you nurture in your mind about death.


  • Conclusion:


The analysis of Death Dreams and the result thereof would depend on exactly what you see in your dreams. It is also dependent on what is going on in your life at that time. For example, if you are dreaming of someone who has passed away recently, then it is more likely than not that you are missing the person, and are still trying to come to terms with the fact that the person is no more. However, apart from that there may be many other forms of death dreams. For example you may dream of the death of a dear one or your pet, or you may even dream of your own death, or you may see yourself digging up or finding a corpse, or conversely you may also see yourself hiding or burying a corpse. These are the commonest forms of death dreams reported to the dream analysts and psychologists. From the researches it has been concluded that when a person dreams of death, it could mean the following –


o    You have probably been feeling guilty over something or the other in the recent times

o    You are being judgmental about some recent action or thought of yours

o    You are probably blaming yourself for something you did or something that happened

o    You have been neglecting something or someone or yourself

o    You are being affected by some incident from your past

o    You have suddenly experienced any change or transformation in your life recently

o    You have got over a phase of life

o    You are worrying about something that you think you cannot crack

o    You are having trouble accepting something

o    You have been keeping your worries to yourself

o    You are expressing your resentment over something or someone subconsciously

o    You have recently done an act of sacrifice (at least according to you)

o    You are missing someone or something

o    You are trying to escape from something

o    You have undergone a transformation or are about to experience a new beginning

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