Dreams about disasters are more often than not metaphoric symbolism of the mood or the mental condition of the dreamer. For example – dark clouds may symbolize heavy heart, a heavy rainfall may be suggestive of release of emotions, a bright and sunny day may tell of happy frame of mind.

A natural calamity that disrupts the life on earth is often suggestive of the obstacles that the dreamer is facing or is anticipating to face in the waking life. It generally punctuates to how smooth or disrupted the emotional well being of the dreamer is.

Most such dreams do not recognize the time, location or the date when such disaster will take place. On very rare occasions these dreams could be precognitive in nature – but we repeat, the chances of such precognitive dream is very rare. There are some incidences where dreamers have been able to predict the onset of a natural calamity. For example – some dreamers spoke of Tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, earthquake in Haiti in 2009 etc.

But since the details of the occurrence cannot be spelt out, it is difficult to take any precaution based on the dreams. Moreover, one can only understand that a dream is precognitive after the occurrence of the event in real life.

Disasters again can be of two types – natural or manmade. Natural disasters include all the calamities that Mother Nature at times subjects us to, for example – flood, earthquake etc.  Manmade disasters are those where human acts as triggers, for example – war. Here are a few common disaster dreams that are reported along with the symbolic meaning of each –

  • Hurricane


Hurricanes are usually symbolic representation of times that have dampened your spirits or emotions. It could be a rift between you and your partner, a quarrel with family or friends, a situation of instability at work. In a nutshell, dreams about hurricane suggest that you are perhaps going through or anticipating such life events that can bring whirlwind of changes in your life, and you may probably have to work afterwards to restore the stability of your life, just like one has to clean the debris left behind after a hurricane.


  • Tornado


Tornado dreams come under the category of nightmares in general. This is because most tornado dreams bring visuals where everything around the dreamer gets destroyed. Naturally this becomes an issue of trauma and grief. Tornado dreams, and as a matter of fact, dreams that have winds in them, are suggestive of the fact that there would be some changes in the life of the dreamer. It could be suggestive of a phase of turmoil which would finally lead to a phase of happiness or enlightenment. It could however also mean that you fear losing the stability that you enjoy at present in your life. Tornado may even symbolize that your present identity is going through a whirlwind of changes creating a new you.


  • Tsunami


Tsunamis in dreams are reported commonly and many people who see such dreams also report of their recurrence as a dream theme. Psychologists are unanimous about the fact that water related dreams generally tell of the emotional condition of the dreamer. Tsunami in dreams is a symbolic representation of a huge emotional issue that was repressed, or was probably kept at a backseat, but is coming to the forefront at present. It may be some memories from the past that could make you feel sad.


  • Earthquake


Earthquake dreams are often related to problem in the financial sector. It may be suggestive of the fact that your financial sector is a little instable. It may also be suggestive of the fact that some bad event is likely to strike someone close – some illness or even death of a dear one.


  • Flood


Water is believed by all psychologists to represent human emotions. Water in your dreams may be suggestive of the fact that you feel overburdened with some kind of emotion in your mind. It may also be suggestive of the fact that your emotional wellbeing is in danger and requires tender loving care. If you see in your dreams that you are moving across flood water it means that you have considering experiencing every kind of emotion completely. Analysts also give a lot of stress on the location of the flood. In case you see your home getting flooded, notice which room – flood in bedroom indicates trouble in romance, flood in kitchen is suggestive of overwhelming sorrow in your heart, flood in living room indicates trouble with family, friends or relatives.


  • Volcano Eruption


More often than not an eruption of volcano is a symbolic representation of anger or frustration. It metaphorically symbolizes the fact that the dreamer has lost cool. It could even so happen that you have been holding back some negative emotions within yourself for too long, and it is now on the verge of escape. It could also so happen that you have had some heated exchange of words or emotions with someone who is dear to you. Volcano may also suggest that you are finally ready to let certain emotions come out and face the world at large. There are some psychologists who believe that volcanic eruption dreams could also relate to sexuality and willingness to experiment in conjugal life.


  • Meteor, Comet and Asteroid


Meteors, comets or asteroids are cosmic bodies. From times immemorial human beings have held cosmic bodies in a pedestal of reverence. These are believed to bring in transformations. As such seeing such cosmic bodies like meteors, comets or asteroids in your dreams are perhaps symbolic representation of the fact that you are going through a transitional phase in your life or are anticipating one. People have reported seeing such dreams at times when certain life changing events have occurred to them. These may also symbolize transformation in your soul.


  • War


War can be suggestive of some kind of turmoil that is bugging the dreamer. It can be an inner turmoil or anxiety about the future. Perhaps you are subjected to some kind of violence in real life or you have witnessed such violence or you see/ read/ hear about such incidences of violence occurring round the world. It may also be so that you feel angry about something. Or perhaps there is certain degree of instability in your life. You feel that your life is or will be falling apart. It may also be that you have to shoulder some responsibilities which you are unconfident about. All such emotions could metaphorically be expressed in dreams as wars.

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