Epic Dreams are an experience that most dreamers enjoy having and these fall under the category of vivid dreams. These dreams often recur among the dreamers.

Epic Dreams are often considered as breakthrough in a person’s life for more often than not people have reported Epic Dreams to be inspirational. Epic Dreams almost always compel the dreamer to act. They often change the way the dreamer feels about self, surroundings or the world at large, which is why these are also known as Cosmic Dreams.

Epic Dreams are pretty common phenomena. In fact, there are many people who have experienced them. When you have an epic dream, it is almost surreal and you may feel that you are having a hallucination. Other dreamers have said that Epic Dreams have made them feel that they are experiencing an extension of their own conscious self.

The variations that have been reported about these makes it difficult for psychologists and analysts to coin a perfect definition for Epic Dreams. Because of this when you try to analyze an Epic Dream it is very important that you take note of all the elements that appear in your dream in details. This would help to decipher the hidden meanings that your dream is trying to convey and would assist in the process of interpretation.

Epic dreams often come bearing a long story line which is continuous too and there have been reports where one has experienced an epic dream over many nights and multiple of dreams – the story having continued in each one of them. Epic dreams are so vivid that you are almost sure to remember all the details that you see. People have claimed to have remembered an epic dream for several years; and sometimes even for a whole lifetime. Some people also claim that epic dreams can be pretty life changing too for often they bring messages that provide new foresight, insight and perspective about life. At times epic dreams bear the message of how you perceive the world at large and what are your ways of life. There are times when you are not conscious about some idea that is embedded in your head in your waking life. An Epic Dream bridges that gap and makes you clear your ideas and notions that are deeply embedded within you. As such, often Epic Dreams have provided direction and focus to people in their lives.

Because you feel euphoric or a sense of enlightenment when you wake up from an Epic Dream this category of dreams is also known by the names of dreams or numinous dreams. If interpretation can be rightly made about the symbolism in an epic dream, one can often foretell happenings of the future; and as such some people also relate epic dreams to prophetic dreams. Epic dreams are so revered mostly because of the fact that these have the power of unleashing a side of you that you probably were unaware of. These are dreams that convey powerful meanings and messages, and in the process turn out to be an event that changes the life of the viewer. The good news is that more often than not such change is a positive one.

Salient Features of Epic Dreams

From the above discussions we can summarize a few basic features that categorizes as Epic Dreams, or in other words, characteristics that define what Epic Dreams are –


  • When you see an Epic Dream, you feel very charged up. You feel that the whole world is at your feet and that you can rule the world.


  • Epic Dreams would give you a new level of awareness and understanding that connects you better with your subconscious mind.


  • Epic Dreams are mostly often Lucid ones too for you feel that you are in a lucid state when you dream an Epic Dream.


  • More often than not reamers have reported that they cannot forget an Epic Dream ever, even after a long time they have seen it.


  • When you remember an Epic Dream it would be in such a manner that it seems that you experienced them just a little while ago.


  • Epic Dreams are often recurring.


  • Epic Dreams have often been reported to be prophetic in nature.


  • When you wake up after experiencing an Epic Dream more often than not you shall feel overwhelmed with joy, so much so that your emotions may even give you a numbing sensation.


  • When you experience an Epic Dream even after you wake up you shall not be able to put the dream off your mind. You shall be thinking about the dream almost all the day.


  • You shall be able to remember most of the details that you see in your Epic Dream – you shall be able to remember all the objects or characters you see in your dream and even the context of your dream.


  • After you wake up you have a whole new perspective about life. You shall look at the world around you and also at people around you with a brand new vision.



  • Epic Dreams have the ability to tug those emotions that have been deeply embedded within you – some of which you were perhaps not even aware of.



  • You shall have the lust to know more about anything that you saw in your Epic Dream for your dream would leave behind an indelible impression in your mind.



  • Often Epic Dreams are inspirational in nature, and because of that these are considered as break through events in the life of the person who sees the dream. For this reason, these dreams are also termed as Cosmic Dreams.



  • Interpretations of the various symbolisms in an Epic Dream are essential to understand the true meaning of the dream. But there is an interesting aspect to this as well – the meanings of these symbolisms vary from one culture or religion or region to another. As such when interpreting an Epic Dream it is of vital importance that the socio cultural and religious background of the dreamer is taken into consideration.



  • Finally, researchers and psychologist have opined that epic dreams cannot be bound by certain definition. As such when you try to interpret an Epic Dream it is of vital important that you make a minute note of all the elements and characters that appeared in the dream so that you can gauge the message that the dream was trying to convey to you.

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