Falling Dreams are reported to be very frequent and recurrent, and also pretty common. According to researchers, an average human being experiences falling dreams for about five times in the course of their life.

These dreams often cause a lot of fright for they almost bring an impression that is as vivid as in real life. Here we attempt to have a look at why one can have Falling Dreams. We don’t stop at just that.

We help you also to find a resolution to tackle the situation so that you stop seeing such frightening dreams and also solve an issue in your life that needed attention. Before we go into the analysis of Falling Dreams, let us take a look at what kinds of falling dreams you can have –

  • Variations of Falling Dreams:


  • Fear of losing balance – If you are having visuals of losing balance then more likely than not there is some issue deep within you that pertains to instability or insecurity. You are probably looking for an anchor in life. You should look for ways to boost your confidence.


  • Whether you were being pushed by someone – If in your dreams you saw that somebody pushed you, more likely than not such a dream implies that you are pushing yourself too hard – it may be at work or while facing a certain situation in life. This is a message from your subconscious that you are trying too hard in your efforts and as such are feeling tired and exhausted. Sometimes this may also mean that you are having some kind of a trouble with a person; especially if you have recurrent dreams of a particular person pushing you. This may also suggest that you are failing to have control or grip over the circumstances that life is bringing your way.


  • Where you experienced the fall – Remembering the location you see in your dream would also be helpful in deciphering the meaning of your dream. Is the location familiar to you? Or are you falling from a place that is known to you? if you visualize falling from a known place, say the roof of your home or that of your office, it may mean that you fear of losing control in that genre of your life. Falling from a place unknown actually refers to a generic uncertainly about life. It could also be that there is a phase in life that you are expecting to come about which you are very uncertain and as such you are being enveloped by a feeling of insecurity.


  • Whether you held on to something during your fall Holding on to something in your Fall Dreams is a very positive notion. It signifies that you are not ready to let it all pass without giving it a fight. It suggests that you are already working on how to find a resolution to the problems that you are facing in your life. This is positive because of two things. First and foremost, the spirit of taking things to your stride and trying to find a resolution. Secondly, this indicates that probably you are aware of what the problem is – being aware makes you better equipped to handle the situation.


  • Recollect if someone was with you when you were falling – If you see someone with you in your Fall Dreams then it could be two things depending on how to see the person. The person may either be trying to help you to overcome whatever negative situation you are in; or the person could be the reason of all the stress in your life.


  • Recollect how you fell down in your dream – Remembering how you fell can at times lead you to the problem that is causing you the distress. For example, falling in water generally indicates that you are having an emotional turmoil, for water is generally linked to one’s mind. Once you can pinpoint the cause of your distress it becomes easier for you to look for a solution.


  • Fearing that you are slipping off a surface Slipping off a surface generally indicates that you are feeling a loss of control or grip over things in life. You should take this as a warning from your subconscious mind asking you to see to it that you regain control and establish that secured feeling.


  • Seeing that you are being helped while falling This too is a positive indication saying that even if you are in a tough situation help is not far away either. You just need to reach out and accept the help with an open mind.




  • What can be concluded by analysis your falling dreams?


For understanding the implications of your Falling Dreams it would be a good idea if you could keep a journal handy to note down all the points that you see in your dreams including the minute details. Dreams are often means by which your subconscious brings to your notice some important issues that you have been either ignoring for a while or have not noticed consciously. The first step to the analysis is to find out what issue is bothering you and then comes the important part of finding a solution.


Researchers have opined that Falling Dreams can have the following implications –


  • You feel insecure about your job
  • You are facing some problem with a friend, family or colleague
  • You feel instability in your relationship
  • You are losing control over some situation in life
  • You have failed in your romantic liaison
  • You have wavering self confidence
  • You have been embarrassed about something
  • You are not happy with the way things are in your life



  • What can be done to avoid seeing falling dreams?


Falling dreams come under the category of nightmare since the vision and the feeling thereof disturbs the viewer to a great extent. These are also known to be pretty recurrent unless you fix the cause that is making you have these visions time and again. If there is any turmoil or a problem in your life that is making you see these dreams, it is time you fixed that. You can consult a professional psychologist or a dream analyst to help you pinpoint the cause of the dreams and also guide to in finding a resolution.


You could also try these remedies to see if you stop the recurrence of Falling Dream –


  • Try to boost your confidence
  • Try to enhance trust in those around you
  • Try to have faith in yourself so that you can take to stride any situation life throws at you
  • Try to have a solution oriented approach towards life
  • Try not to sit on your problems too long
  • Try to meditate at bedtime.

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