Flying Dreams are considered to be pretty exhilarating experience by most dreamers and they feel that they have experienced something out of the world – something mundane, something that is not mundane.

It often makes you feel powerful like a super power and has high mystical value. In most cases Flying Dreams are positive ones, but in some cases dreamers have reported these to be scary too.

Also researchers label Flying Dreams as lucid ones which means that in this dreams you are in control of the situation and manipulate your dream more often than not. In other situations however a Flying Dream may not be such a happy feeling.

Depending upon the context of your dream, the analysis has to be done.

  • How should you begin your analysis of Flying Dreams?


Your subconscious mind keeps sending you a lot of signals. However, it would not spell them out to you. That is the job which your conscious mind has to take over. Dreams bring to you signals and symbols that are metaphoric. It is on you to analyze them considering the context thereby decoding them. Most of the times, Flying Dreams are positive ones that most of us would enjoy waking up to. Flying Dreams are also one of the most common forms of dreams reported. It has been opined by the researchers that Flying Dreams are usually visualized by those who are of strong mind and expect to achieve a lot. However, there are some Flying Dreams that are not so positive.

There are certain factors that you need to consider when analyzing a Flying Dream.

Example –

  • Were you flying on your own?
  • Was there any obstacle stopping you?
  • Were you in control of the flight?
  • How was the weather?
  • Were you happy or scared while flying?
  • Were you going upward or downward in your flight?
  • Was the flying smooth or turbulent?
  • Were you feeling happy or sad?
  • Were you using any agent to fly, like a pair of wings or a rocket?


  • What does it mean when you see that you are flying in your dreams?


Depending on exactly what you see, the meaning of you flying in your dreams can be analyzed. For example – if you feel free and happy when you fly in your dreams, it means you feel carefree. If you experience trouble flying or are scared of flying it represents some sort of anxiety or trouble. Maintaining a Dream Journal would help you remember the details of your dreams and then analyze properly.


  • What is the direction of your flight?


Direction of flight is also important to consider. If you see yourself flying upwards it usually suggests that you are experiencing a new height in your life or a new level in spirituality. Flying closer to the ground generally suggests that you are determined to take life to your stride. If you are flying a machine like an airplane or rocket it suggests that you do not feel absolutely free, but are nearly there. Flying backwards generally means that you are nostalgic.


  • Do you feel scared when you see you are flying?


You may feel scared in your Flying Dreams in situations when you feel that you cannot take off the ground when you try to fly or something or someone is trying to stop you from flying. If you are experiencing trouble in flying even when you are by yourself it means that you lack confidence within. An agent creating trouble suggests that there is some external hindrance that you need to resolve in order for unhindered growth.


  • Are you having trouble in flying when you see your dream?


Scared flying generally suggests that you lack control in your life. Or it may also suggest that you have set your goals in life up too high and are now anxious that you shall crash. This is for you to figure out what or who is causing hindrance in your life thereby stopping you from experiencing the carefree happy success that everyone dreams of, and resolve the issue.


  • What can you conclude from your Flying Dreams?


Flying Dreams have been labeled as lucid ones by the researchers and scientists. These are dreams that start out in your subconscious and then give you control of it. This one is mostly a happy dream for people often describe these dreams to be exhilarating, liberating and joyous. However, some of them may be a scary experience for some dreamers. There may also visions when the dreamer feels that it is difficult for the person to keep flying. In some such dreams people also see obstacles that are preventing them from flying – it can be an object, or it can also be a person. When analyzing your flying dreams it is of vital importance that you consider all the factors that you see in your dream – what is the height or direction or speed of your flight, whether there were any obstacles in your flight, what you were feeling when in flight – these would provide clues to you in finding out what your Flying Dream has been trying to tell you.

From the above discussions we can conclude that Flying Dreams, depending on context, can be sending you the following messages –


  • When the dream is a happy one:


  • You are in control of your life
  • You have a new perspective about life
  • You are feeling a sense of freedom
  • You are experiencing a better spiritual connection.
  • You are experiencing self superiority


  • When the dream is a scary one:


  • You are losing control in your life
  • You are facing some obstacle in the journey of life
  • You are lacking self confidence
  • You do not feel motivated
  • You are hesitating about something
  • You are struggling to reach your targets
  • You have set too high goals for yourself which you are unable to take to your stride

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