Human life is largely centered round house or home. It is no wonder as such that houses or homes appear quite often in human dreams.

Wherever you may go away from home, be it for work or for pleasure, you finally come back to your nest. Homes in dreams bring to you various kinds of messages.

Dreams about houses are very potent ones. Details of such dreams are of vital importance for correct interpretation.

  • Levels of a House and their interpretation – A house is considered to contain different levels – a basement, a main level, an attic, and at times even a space above the attic. From the psychological point of view each level is attached a different perspective.


  • Basement – The basement of a house is generally used to store stuffs that are no longer in use or at least not in frequent use anymore. It is not a part of the house that is actively used by the members of the house day in and day out. Interpretation of a dream that has basement in it depends on how you visualize the basement in your dreams. If you see a basement that is dark and you feel scared in your dream, it is suggestive of repressed emotions that are most likely negative ones. Basement can also be reminder of an incident or memory that you have been suppressing for a while, knowingly or unknowingly, or perhaps have forgotten about in your waking life. However, in some parts of the world, people who are plagued by various natural calamities like cyclones or tornadoes, basement is used to hide for protection and security. As such, people who associate a basement with such purpose may see it at a time of their like when they are seeking emotional or physical security or protection.


  • Main Level – This level of the house contains all the rooms of the house that are used on day to day basis. Each room of this level of the house conveys a different meaning or emotion when appearing in a dream depending upon the usage and the perception of the rooms. Room by room analysis of this segment of the house has been done below.


  • Attic – Attic is generally used to store stuffs that are not in use in the present, but can be needed any time. These are stored to be procured when needed. This is exactly what our subconscious mind does, and as such attic of a home is related to a person’s subconscious.


  • Space above Attic – Some dreamers report of seeing dreams where they break through the attic to reach the space above it. Psychologists have related this space of a house to the spirituality of human beings.


  • Different forms of houses and their interpretation


  • New Home – You are anticipating that something new would happen in your life. It may be a new endeavor, a new incident or a new relationship. Whatever it may be, this dream is all about your future.


  • Moving Home – There is some movement in your life. Your life is not stagnant. It may also be a message of an impending relocation. This may also be a symbolic representation of a transitional phase of your life. The details and context of your dream would determine the actual interpretation.


  • House on Fire – This is the attempt of your subconscious mind to draw your attention to some aspect of your life that needs immediate attention and perhaps some action too.


  • Flood in a house – Such dreams are considered to be related to judgment of God. These dreams are often found to be prophetic in nature, and many people have said that after they experienced such dreams there was some serious natural calamity.


  • Cleaning a house – This is a symbolic representation of the fact that you are doing some spring cleaning within yourself. This is actually more spiritual. It is an indication that you are attempting to drive away all that is evil from within. Here the house of your dreams is a symbolic representation of the person.


  • Different rooms and spaces in a house and their interpretation


Here is a comprehensive list of the types of rooms in the main floor of a house and the areas around it and the interpretation of it when it appears in your dreams –

Name of the Room/ Space Interpretation when it appears in your dream
Backdoor You are probably seeking a shortcut to some problem in your life, but the solution in this case is perhaps not that obvious, and you need to try a little harder, or perhaps be more diligent.
Backyard This is indication that your subconscious is trying to bring your childhood memories to the forefront. It may otherwise refer to secrets that you are trying to keep. It is also representative of how you strike balance between the various nuances of your life.
Balcony This is a symbolic representation of your public image, or how you desire people to perceive you. Perhaps you are trying to seek attention. Or, you are probably trying to move to a better position that brings you more power and prestige; or perhaps you are seeking to climb up the ladder in your social circle.
Bathroom Bathroom in your dreams indicate that you are trying to feel relief of some sort. It may also be a symbolic representation of self rejuvenation, purification or turning a new leaf over. You probably seek to emotionally unburden yourself. It may also indicate your urge for privacy.
Bay Window It tells of your desire to get a better and wider view point towards life and people.
Bedroom A dream about bedroom is probably trying to tell you something about your intimate relationship. It is also representative of your urge to privacy.
Ceiling Ceiling is the limit that you have set for yourself. Or perhaps you find yourself confined within limits.
Cellar This is one part of your subconscious mind that you have carefully kept away from others. It is the symbolic representation of delving deep into your subconscious to discover the unknown aspects about yourself.
Chimney Chimney oozes warmth and tradition. Chimney suggests of family values. However, some psychologists also relate chimney to phallus and therefore sensuality. Cleaning a chimney may also be suggestive of giving vent to bottled up feelings and frustrations.
Closet This is a symbolic representation of facts or emotions that you do not want to disclose.
Den Den represents hard work and diligence.
Door Doors in your dreams are symbolic representation of opportunities that life sends your way. If you see that you are crossing a door it means that you are prepared to take on the new opportunities. If you see yourself before a closed door, it means that you have missed some opportunities in life – the grandeur of the closed door is often directly proportional to the degree of significance of the opportunity that you missed.
Door Bell This is indicative of the fact that you are anxious about some news that is to come. More likely than not this would be news that would cause you some worry.
Driveway It is generally indicative that you have come to an end of your journey and now you can take some rest – it can be an actual travel or it can be a spiritual journey as well.
Drywall These are used for protection. These are symbolic representation of the fact that either you seek privacy or protection in life.
Fence On one hand it can mean that you have created a wall of protection around you, while on the other hand fence can mean hurdles. Jumping over fence indicates overcoming barriers and becoming victorious. Being on the fence says that you are indecisive about something in life.
Floor Floor provides you with the solid foundation on which you can stand and feel protected and secured. It may also suggest that you are down to earth. Kissing the floor may speak of gratitude.
Floor Boards Floor boards are indicative of security and protection. It may denote that you are trying to hold on to your privacy or protect something. Creaking or lose or broken floor board suggests of insecurity.
Garage Putting your car in your garage is a symbolic representation of success and status. An empty garage or simply loitering in your garage however represents the fact that you lack purpose and direction in life. Opening the garage door indicates that you have found your purpose and direction and are ready to act.
Garden A nice garden is indicative of prosperity, domestic happiness and stability. It indicates that you have put in all your hard work, and your diligence has paid you with rewards. It may also suggest that you need to nurture or are nurturing something within – it may be your spirituality ot creativity or some other characteristic. An unkempt garden is suggestive of lack of spiritual upliftment or practical efforts.
Glass House It is indicative of a situation where you probably feel vulnerable or threatened. It may also suggest that there are people around you who are flattering you but they don’t mean a word, and you may get hurt in the process.
Hallway These represent opportunities that you may explore in life. These may also suggest that you are going through a transitional phase in life and would find an anchor soon.
Kitchen Kitchen is linked to nourishment – as such it is symbolic of mother or maternal instincts. Kitchen is linked to warmth – as such it suggests family ties and flourishing relationships. Kitchen may also suggest that you are under heat or too much pressure and in case you feel like melting under the pressure it is better to call it quits.
Living Room It may be indicative of space and freedom. It is also linked to the social image that you either project or want to project. An organized living room is suggestive of an impeccable social image. It is also suggestive of the various relationships that you share with your friends and family since living room is the place to interact with them.
Patio This is indicative of the fact that you have an open mind that is ready to receive facts or information.
Secret Passages Declares advent of something new in your life that would make your life adventurous and fun.
Porch Porch represents your willingness to interact with others – an open porch says that you enjoy living an open life, while a closed porch suggests that you enjoy solitude.
Roof Roof represents the border between the conscious and the unconscious mind and the context of the dream would determine the symbolism thereof.
Stairs Walking up the stairs is indicative of professional or social success. If you are falling down the stairs it indicates downfall in the literal sense. Tripping on the stairs symbolize lack of confidence.
Toilet A clogged toilet is indicative of pent up emotions or feelings that are repressed. An overflowing toilet says that your emotions are abundant.
Wall Walls represent either a means of privacy or a barrier depending upon the context of your dream.
Window Windows represent that aspect of your mind through which a breath of fresh air and sunlight can get inside you preventing your mind to become stale or stagnant. Here also the context of your dream is of vital importance to reach the rich interpretation of your dreams. For example, a closed window speaks of desertion and melancholy, a clean window symbolizes clarity of vision, a window that needs repair suggests that you need to reorganize your thoughts, etc.
Yard The yard represents the outer circle of your life that comprises of your social connections. A neat and orderly yard says that you have been able to organize your social life beautifully, but an unkempt yard is indicative of the contrary.

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