Many dreamers report seeing naked or nude dreams or dream of semi nudity. The experiences of the dreamers vary though.

Some find themselves embarrassingly naked in a public place before the eyes of many people while some others find themselves naked in solitary condition, and there are others who find naked dreams to be a liberating experience where they feel free.

The analyses of naked or nude dreams too depend on the context that the dreamers find themselves in.

  • Nudity in Public


These are dreams when the dreamer sees that the person is naked in a public place before eyes of beholders. It could be at place of work or education or say at a mall or any other public place. These are dreams that make the dreamer feel mortified.

According to researchers dreams of public nudity are generally manifestations of deep rooted feelings of some kind of fear related emotions like exposure or vulnerability. Such kinds of dreams bring the feelings of shame, rejection, disapproval and guilt too other than the fear factor, and such emotions can stir pretty unpleasant emotions in the minds of the dreamer.

Since the incidence happens before a lot of people the fear or shame factor is of great magnitude. It gives you a feeling that you shall expose certain feelings or factors that you would rather keep hidden. Although it is recommended that you give a deep thought about the happenings in your life at present to find the true meaning of your dream, it is also recommended that you do not consider such dreams to be any kind of prophecies.


  • Naked Dreams and a sense of freedom and innocence


Although what we discussed above can bring the thought that naked dreams are mostly negative ones, there are times when naked dreams can have positive implications too. Such dreams would endow the dreamer with a sense of happiness, elation, freedom and elation. These dreams indicate that you are completely comfortable with yourself and you happily accept yourself as you are without any sense of shame or apology whatsoever. Some analysts interpret such naked dreams to be associated with a sense of freedom and liberation. It can be that the person has gone through an ordeal in life and has come out unscathed, which has imbibed in the person a sense of relief and freedom. It could also be that you have bared your entire self to the world at large and you are unabashed about it for it has remained what you actually are and that your innocence has been restored.


  • Fear of Exposure


Often researchers have found that people who have been involved in affairs that they are not comfortable in disclosing to others. It could be something like debts or could be something like any addiction or gambling or being involved in any other illicit affair. Such dreams stem out from the fear that one shall be exposed in public and would no longer be able to hide whatever they have been trying to shield. Many people associate this fear to be labeled as someone who is a fraud before all and sundry. Nudity means that you are without cover. Being naked means that nothing you can hide anymore. There is no option before you to cover up anything. Usually one attempts to cover up when one is trying to hide something that the person thinks would be unacceptable. Interestingly it has also been noted that when you are pursuing a goal, even a very noble one, that you are not sure to succeed, you fear that people would think that you are a failure and that would expose yourself to be someone without talent.


  • Feeling of insecurity and vulnerability


Researchers have also opined that dreams of nudity and nakedness also represent a sense of vulnerability that a person may be going though in his/ her life. It happens especially when a person is going through a transitional phase like change in a relationship status or change of job or taking up any risk in life or if someone has to reveal something about oneself that one would otherwise life to shield. These are the times when you feel anxious and apprehensive about what you shall face in times to come. These dreams are mostly ones where you shall see yourself naked before public eyes.


  • Anxiety of Rejection


Naked dreams suggest that you are viewing yourself to be someone who is not in pieces – it represents your body and soul in one piece. There is no duality about nakedness. When you expose yourself completely like that you may find that your true self is acceptable to some and not to acceptable to others. This is when you fear a sense of rejection. It may not necessarily mean rejection in a relationship. It can even mean rejection of an idea or thought that you conjured. It could even go on to include rejection of your efforts or any work that you put your mind and heart into.


  • Conclusion


From the above discussions it can be concluded that that Naked Dreams or Dreams or Nudity or Dreams of semi Nudity could be pleasant ones or unpleasant ones. In most cases however it is not a very pleasant experience for the dreamers. It is to be remembered that none of the dreams should be considered by you to be prophetic omens that bring you the message of what is to come in your life. Dreams are just what your subconscious mind interprets about the various events that are taking place in your real life. It is what you feel about the various incidences of your life and need to necessarily relate to the reality. For example, the feeling of rejection is what you are feeling within but does not necessarily mean that you are actively being rejected.

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