Description of what are considered as Prophetic Dreams:

Simply put one can define Prophetic Dreams to be those that can foretell the future. These have always been mysteries involved about dreams that bring about prophecies. Some people believe such dreams cannot happen, while others have gone on to explain how these can actually happen.

There are prophetic dreams that directly tell the viewer of a message or incidence. But more often than not, prophetic dreams deliver messages through certain symbols, deciphering which are largely dependent on regional and socio cultural and religious beliefs, and these often vary largely from one culture to the other.

Talking about symbols in prophetic dreams, you should bear in mind that one can decipher true meaning of a dream only when the exact symbols and visions in a dream are analyzed. More often than not it has been found that people do not remember all the minute details portrayed in a dream. In such cases errors in analysis may creep in.

Some prophetic dreams of historic significance:

Several people renowned in the pages of history are said to have experienced prophetic dreams.


  • Hitler was once sitting in a trench and had probably dozed off to sleep when he dreamt that he was being killed by an avalanche. He left the trench. Sometime later the trench was destroyed by soldiers.


  • Queen Maya, mother of Lord Buddha, and Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, had repeated dreams that told them that they shall give birth of enlightened


  • Roman Emperor Caligula dreamt that he was standing before the throne of the Greek God Jupiter or Jove and the God was kicking him thereby sending him down to earth. He was assassinated the next day.


  • The former US President Abraham Lincoln had dreams that foretold him about his death several nights before his actual assassination. He has in fact also told it to his personal security personnel even on the day of his death.


Theory of Precognition in Prophetic Dreams:

Prophetic dreams have been related by psychologists to the human power of precognition. Now what is precognition? It is simply the ability to foresee events. It is the capability of extrasensory perception of the human brain that can direct knowledge in a way that brings prophetic results. This phenomenon is believed to form the base of prophetic dreams in 60% to 70% of such cases as believed by psychologists. The rest are experienced during waking visions or daydreams. When you are in your waking phase, your visionary, auditory and similar such sensory organs register a lot of facts – to these get added random thoughts, hallucinations, rapid ideas and instincts – together they make up what can be labelled as precognition. Studies have indicated that each human being has this capability to some extent, and for some people this experience is more heightened than others. An interesting fact is that most of the prophetic dreams relate to self or someone you are emotionally attached to. Prophetic dreams could show you the actual event that is about to happen, or may present you with the facts in a symbolic form. Different theories have been put forward by researchers and scientists that intend to find out how and why one can experience a precognition that can lead to prophetic dreams. One theory is that the brain discharges a strong psychokinetic force that can make you envision the future. There are others who believe that the events that may happen in the future are generally based on what the present circumstances are or what the circumstances have been in the past; and proper registration of those facts and correct interpretations thereof can make one see the future.


Types of Prophetic Dreams:

From the above discussions we can say that Prophetic Dreams are basically those dreams whereby one can see the future. When one has a dream it is difficult to ascertain whether that dream is prophetic or not. This is because of the fact that prophecy can only be confirmed once the event that the person dreamt of actually takes place. Even then one only speaks of cases where such prophecies come true. There are also many cases where such drams do not turn out to be true. These cases are labeled as coincidences. After analyzing a wide cross section of Prophetic Dreams researchers have come to believe that these can be classified into the following types –


  • Apparitions – These are dreams that  involve dead people

These dreams involve the deceased. More often than not people dream of dead people delivering some kind of a message via the dream.


  • Clairaudient Dreams – These are dreams that involve hearing noises or voices

These are dreams where voices or noises seem to appear out of nowhere. More often than not these are some kinds of messages, and as such it is important to concentrate on what the voice or noise is trying to convey while analyzing these dreams.


  • Clairvoyant Dreams – These are dreams that show events that are occurring simultaneously in real life as in your dreams

These are dreams which happen during the exact same time when the actual incident that you see in your dream is happening in real life.


  • Empathic Dreams – These are dreams for which you would develop deep feelings

More often than not these dreams involve people who are close to you – your family, friends, relatives etc. The events of these dreams make you feel so involved that you sense emotions of empathy and sympathy towards the subjects in these dreams.


  • Shared Dreams – These are dreams which are viewed both by you and someone you know

These are dreams that you and someone close to you experience on the same night and the content of the dream also is the same as is experienced by you.


  • Telepathic Dreams – These are dreams through which you intend to send messages to someone

These involve such dreams which intend to deliver a message by connecting to someone else’s thoughts in the realm of the dream. More often than not such dreams connect you to the thoughts of those you are close to.


  • Warning Dreams – These are dreams that warn you of some happening of the future

These dreams bring to you a fore warning that something negative may happen to you in the near future. Often such dreams present you with the possibility of taking precautions so as to alter the outcome of the happening.

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