Human beings by nature are conscious about the image they project before the world and are anxious about how others perceive them to be.

These human physical features and attributes are often attached special significance that makeup a person’s characteristics. These are what build up a person’s self esteem and often confidence too.

Also, many people take extra efforts to maintain their physical appearance – they resort to natural ways or to clinical treatments to maintain their vanity. It is as such no surprise that such vanity features would get featured in human dreams and would bear special meanings too!

Here are some common vanity features and their symbolic significance when they appear in a dream –

Vanity Interpretation
Abscess This is suggestive of the fact that you are privy so some information that others are unaware of, and you are eager to disclose that to all and sundry.
Acrylic Nails This is indicative of your desire to reach out to others. However, you may have some vested interest about this endeavor.
Age This may express your anxiety of actually getting old. It may also be representative of your regret of not having achieved all that you desired. Getting older may be symbolic of either wisdom or rigidity, depending on context; while getting younger is representative of youthful and carefree nature. It may also mean that you are feeling nostalgic.
Appearance Your image is the way you want people to perceive you and the way you appear in your dreams can be directly related to your self esteem and self confidence.
Bald Curiously it has been established that going bald is often associated with sacrifice and humility. It may also be suggestive of your anxiety about getting old. It may also symbolize that you do not fear disclosing anything about yourself.
Beard Beard is symbolic representation of insight and wisdom. It may also suggest deception and also the fact that you are probably trying to conceal something. This is also representative of masculinity.
Beauty/ Pretty This is probably representation of the attributes in yourself that you like, and want people to appreciate.
Botox This is expression of your anxiety about aging. This may also suggest that you are trying to hide certain emotions or anxieties in you.
Breast Implants This is suggestive of the fact that you are probably not happy with the way you look.
Cold Sore More likely than not you have spoken harsh words in the heat of the moment and are now regretting having said so.
Complexion This is also your thought about how people perceive you.
Dandruff This may be indicative of low self esteem or lack of confidence. This may also suggest of some impending problem. It is perhaps an indication of high level or stress and anxiety.
Dentures Dentures represent falsehood. Depending on who you see in dentures, it may be that you are being deceitful or that someone is deceiving you.
Disfiguration This means that you have suffered due to some experience from your past – physically or mentally. It may also suggest that you are no more what you were or have been.
Exfoliation It indicates that you are prepared to reveal who you really are, or perhaps are prepared to let your guard down.
Eye Mask This is suggestive of ignorance, and also of the fact that you are unable to face a situation head on.
Eye Shadow You are either trying to create an aura of mystery around something or are blowing something out of proportion.
Eye Liner This is signaling you to focus on something that needs your immediate attention.
Face This is representative of the image that you create of yourself for the world at large and is perhaps different from who you really are. However, if you see someone else’s face then the interpretation changes and depends on the context of the dream – it can range from duality of character to coming clean about something, all depending on what you exactly see in the dream.
Facelift This is suggestive of the fact that you are trying to create a new image for yourself.
Facial This is the part of you where others are allowed access.
Hair Hair represents physical aspects like health and virility, sensuality and vanity. The way you see your hair (tangled, smooth etc) are indicative of your characteristics or your emotional condition at least at that particular juncture of life.
Haircut It could be a new beginning for you, or perhaps you are getting rid of something unwanted. It may also be suggestive of unfair criticism or lack of power.
Hair Dresser This is suggestive of the fact that you want others to see things from your perspective.
Hair Spray You probably get a lot bothered about what people think of you.
Highlights You are looking to bring in some fresh new perspectives or are eager to see life from a whole new view point.
Liposuction It means that you attach a lot of importance on your physical appearance. It can even mean that you want to take drastic measures to get rid of some responsibilities that have become burdensome to you.
Lipstick Red lipstick symbolizes sensuality. Putting on lipstick is indicative of deceitful words. It could also be a warning to beware of what others say.
Makeup You are trying to put your best foot forward, or are perhaps trying to hide something nasty under a beautiful veneer.
Manicure Manicure is all about your glamour quotient and beauty factor.
Mascara You should be more watchful about something or someone.
Mirror This is your insight to you inner self.
Pedicure Indicative of your progression in life with dignity.
Pimples This is indicative of low self esteem or a feeling of awkwardness. Popping zit is indicative of repressed emotions truing to erupt.
Plastic Surgery You are trying to re build your image and change the way people look at you for the better.
Powder There has been some mistake which you are vehemently trying to cover up for.
Rouge Wearing rouge is indicative of the fact that you are being manipulative or deceptive. But if you see yourself washing away rouge it means that you are trying to make your life an open book.
Scar These are representative of the struggles and pains that you have faced in your life. The wounds may have healed or perhaps you are still nursing them. These may also indicate deep rooted insecurities that are holding you back from reaching your target.
Skin Skin in your dream may symbolize a lot of stuff depending on context. It means that all you have is only skin deep – that is to say that you are shallow. It may also mean that you are trying to mask your innermost feelings and emotions. It may also indicate that you are not prepared to face the harsh realities of life.
Split Ends It indicates that there are some problems and elements in life that you should simply terminate for your own good.
Stretch Marks These are symbolic representation of your innate insecurities. These may also suggest that you are perhaps too self sacrificing and in that attempt you over extend yourself to be accommodative.
Tan This is suggestive of the fact that there are two sides to every coin – positive and negative.
Teeth The conditions of the teeth you see in your dreams are indicative of the condition you are facing in your life.
Tweezers Symbolizes accuracy and precision. It is also indicative that you need to look at some situation more closely.
Uni-brow This expresses the fact that you probably feel insecure about how you look. It may be also suggestive of the fact that you are hiding certain attributes within yourself.

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