Wedding related dream themes are pretty commonly reported. However, these are not always seen by those who are going to get married in the near future. These dreams are often seen by those who are expecting some changes in their life or are going through a transitional phase in life.

These dreams are also commonly reported by people who are anxious about committing to something – it may be about bringing a pet home or even buying a new home – anything that involves long term responsibilities. Wedding dreams can be due to your excitement about your life, or it may also be suggestive of the fact that you have found harmony with your own self and your life and surroundings.

Well, if you are someone who is either getting married or are organizing a wedding, then such wedding dreams are pretty easy to decipher and are suggestive of your tension and stress about the smooth success of the above said event. However, if you are someone who is already married or are not considering marriage at least at the moment, then such dreams are representative of some innermost feelings and anxieties that you possess.

  • When your wedding is impending


When you have wedding dreams, and your wedding is in the near future, it is not very difficult to anticipate that such dreams manifest from your excitement and happiness, and also your anxieties about your wedding.


  • Wedding Cake


If you see that you are cutting your wedding cake then it suggests that you are in a state of harmony and perfect equilibrium in your life. If you see that you are eating a wedding cake then it is suggestive of sensuality.


  • Wedding Rings


If you see that you have lost your wedding ring, it may be suggestive of the fact that there is an ongoing problem in your relationship with your partner. Otherwise a dream related to a wedding ring is linked to happiness in intimate or romantic relationships.


  • Engagement Rings


These are considered to be symbol of love and commitment. As such seeing these in your dreams are suggestive of the fact that you are in love or that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level and get committed.


  • Wedding Dresses


Trying on a wedding dress is indicative of the fact that you are still in the phase of assessing the merits and demerits of the relationship that you are in. A feeling of awkwardness, ill at ease, or improperly fitting of your wedding dress is suggestive of the fact that either you feel you are unworthy of the particular relationship or your partner is.


  • Wedding Veil


Veils are symbols of coy and innocence, humility and grace. However, these could also suggest that you are trying to conceal something.


  • Wedding Tuxedo


This is representative of the fact that you have high ambitions and the willingness to make your mark in this world.


  • Attending a Wedding Rehearsal


This is indicative of the fact that you are aware of an impending change in your life and you are preparing yourself to embrace it to the best of your abilities.


  • Proposals


This is indicative of the fact that you are at an important juncture of your life where you are considering the options that exist before you, and you are well aware that the choice you make would have a permanent impact on your life. It does not necessarily have to be a wedding proposal, it could be a new job, a new home or even considering to have a child.


  • Attending a Wedding


When you see yourself attending a wedding it is indicative of the fact that you know that you are on the threshold of a transitional period of your life. Such a dream can also be a symbolic representation of the feelings that you consciously relate to in your waking world.


  • Losing Something Important for Your Wedding/ Something Important Is Missing at the Wedding


Frequent wedding dream nightmares include losing something important, something that is an integral part of the function, and something without which the wedding would either remain incomplete or there may arise situations of awkwardness and embarrassment. Such elements could be anything from your wedding ring to dress to tuxedo to favors. Or you may dream that your caterer or stylist has not turned up. This has nothing much to do with such incidences. This actually represents the fact that you are anxious about losing control over your life or at least certain aspects of your life. Seeing such dreams is not only meant for those who are soon to get married. These are often reported to be seen by those who are anticipating any change in their life or who are going through some transitional phase in their life, and are pretty anxious about the outcome.


  • Your fiancée does not show up for the wedding/ No One Shows Up to Your Wedding


Standing alone in the altar and waiting for your fiancée to turn up before all the assembled guests to is one of the most embarrassing experiences one can have. Or you may perhaps dream of a wedding party where none of your guests turn up. For those who are getting married, this could be the final call of anxiety or doubt of entering into a commitment. For others too it is about some life changing commitments that you are nervous about.


  • Showing Up to Your Own Wedding Naked


In terms of dream interpretation, nudity is linked with the feeling of being exposed or to come clean about everything. In life this may translate to a feeling of vulnerability.


  • A Guest Misbehaves At Your Wedding


It is a common theme of a wedding dream to see that your ex has turned up to create a scene at the wedding, or perhaps a guest spills champagne on your dress, or someone breaking crystal while you toast etc. This is nothing but your anxiety about the outcome of something – an exam, a project etc – which you fear may get ruined at the last moment.

  • Marrying Your Ex


This means that you have finally found harmony. You have learnt from the mistakes of the past, picked up ways to rectify them, vouched that you shall not repeat such mistakes, and are ready to move on.


  • Eloping


This is a symbolic representation of the fact that you are too stressed and are trying to find an escape.


  • Marrying Your Current Spouse all over again


This is indicative of the fact that you are serious about your commitments. This may also indicate that you are about to enter into a phase of serious responsibilities – may be becoming a parent or starting a new business, etc.


  • Running From Your Own Wedding


This is indicate of the fact that you are scared to face any change that is impending in your life and so you are looking to dodge.


  • Annulment of your marriage


This is indicative of the fact that you are aware of the problems in your life, but are in a mode of denial.

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