The Libra Woman

The people who are born within the period 23rd September to 22nd October belong to the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra. This is the exact point where we see a change of focus.

The first six zodiac signs are all about themselves while the latter six concentrate on their behavior with others. The Libra natives love to do everything in pairs as they idealize harmony, balance and fairness.

This balanced and just nature is portrayed by their symbol ‘the scales’. Ruled by the planet Venus, the people born under this sign always know the correct thing to say to make the other person comfortable. Charming and attractive as they are, they love beautiful people. Their talking skills make them do excellently in parties, theatres and debates.

The element that’s associated to them is Air which gives them speed and tendency of reaching a higher mind. They prefer to make good use of their minds and spreading their own ideas to others. They like to talk smart and get to know others. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Scales”.

The Positive traits in a Libra woman-

  • A Libra woman showcases a just, flawless and balanced nature. She has a charming and captivating personality attracting people to her easily. This makes them possess gifted social and communication skills.

  • She is flexible and accommodating and even though not easy, it’s not an impossible task to convince her that she should change her mind as long as you can logically support it. She is open to reason and will admit her mistakes good-naturedly.

  • A Libra woman makes for a great and loyal friend who will not interfere until you want her to. She is a well-wisher and will not step back from giving you the correct advice even though if it’s bitter. She makes sure to say it in a gentle and sweet way so as not to hurt you.

  • She is an eager strategist, organizing effective groups in the workplace and getting the job done. Her companionship and ability to make others feel at ease makes her a favorite.

  • A Libra woman is artistic, stylish and strives to create a beautiful world. She is polite and prefers to talk through an argument rather than fighting back.

  • In a relationship, she is full of energy, romance and loyal to the core.

    The Negative traits in a Libra woman-

  • In spite of being balanced, she can sometimes lose her temper. This makes her very blunt and others consider her to harsh and rude.

  • It’s difficult to be patient when she is left to take a decision herself as she may take quite some time in reaching a conclusion. Even after considering all the views and angles to the matter, their fickle mindedness can make them change their decision at the last moment. This unpredictable nature and fear of taking a wrong decision prevents them from taking a decision at all.

  • If you dare to attack her views with flawed opinions then nobody can save you from her wrath. She is going to shoot holes further into your incorrect logic and win the debate hands down.

  • One of her greatest flaws is her narcissist nature that allows her to judge people on their appearances and outer beauty. She likes to look her best herself as well as be surrounded by beautiful people.

The Libra woman in a relationship-

She is a loyal lover and hence does well in long term relationships. She prefers natural comfort and relaxation. So in order to impress her, just be yourself and show some interest and ask her questions on topics she wants to talk about. Libra is a social zodiac sign and she has a huge circle of friends with many swooning over her because of her charming personality. So in order to keep her with you, you have to put in a lot of efforts and keep showing that you are actually interested in her through your actions. In a relationship, she likes to keep it balanced as she believes in sharing all responsibilities. She respects her spouse and neither dominates nor likes to be dominated. She will be caring and loving but also show her selfish and demanding side at times. She generally does not show her emotions and passion explicitly and needs a partner who can deeply know and understand her. Once she becomes serious about you, she is caring, just, loyal, loving and will give you undivided attention like no other zodiac.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Libra and Gemini- They both have a lot in common including their need for independence and freedom in a relationship. A romantic Libra woman will attract and woo her Gemini man and he will reciprocate it perfectly. Venus ruling Libra implies love whereas Mercury ruling Gemini implies good communication. This combination leads to a long lasting relationship.

  • Libra and Aquarius- Both being air signs; this is a near perfect match for a Libra woman. An Aquarius guy has a different approach to romance which fascinates the love addicted Libra woman. Both of them are very friendly and great at socializing. The Aquarius guy helps the indecisive Libra woman to stand on her own feet while she sees only the positive in him and boosts his self-confidence.

  • Libra and Taurus- Both of them are ruled by the planet Venus which makes them share a mutual liking for romance. They also are efficient in handling money to fulfill each other’s luxurious needs. A Taurus man provides his Libra woman with strength, understanding and a supportive character while she returns it with her reason, diplomacy and politeness.

    Basic Information about Libra-

Date Range 23rd September- 22nd October
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Venus
Compatible Signs Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius
Lucky days Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays
Lucky numbers 5, 6, 9
Lucky colors Blue, Green

The Libra Man

Being the seventh sign of the astrological table, this sign is one of the three zodiac air signs along with Gemini and Aquarius. The people born in the time span from 23rd September to 22nd October are natives of this zodiac.

The symbol of Libra is based on the pictorial representation of Themis holding a pair of scales. Themis is the Greek personification of law and justice. This is associated to the just and impartial nature of a balanced Libra.

They are neutral judges and have a fair assessment of every matter. Ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra man is an ambassador of Venus who is the Goddess of love. He is urbane and has a strong lookout for beauty in his surroundings.

One of the Air signs, he is an intellectual person who would prefer to sit on the fence as a referee rather than be in any one of the teams. Air gives speed and intensity. They are good debaters and enjoy discussing their ideas with others. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Scales”.

The Positive traits in a Libra man-

  • The best thing about a Libra man is his kind nature and who is always there to help out his friends. He will himself undertake pain to put his friends at ease.

  • His elegance, charm and good tastes allow him to win over people socially. His balanced judgments and impartiality are sought after and admired by others.

  • A Libra man is gentle and sweet, often going that extra way to cooperate and compromise in order to make their loved ones happy.

  • He is a fashionable man and is generally blessed with natural beauty. He possesses old school mannerism and polite behavior along with being a harmonious individual.

  • His optimistic nature allows him to look past the flaws of every individual and discover the good in almost all of them.

  • He is a great friend as he is sensitive to the feelings of others and will go out of his way to make his friends feel special. Usually, even when he is right he will succumb in order to maintain peace.

  • He is a good team player and can effortlessly boost the morale of the group.

    The Negative traits in a Libra man-

  • He has a bad tendency of not tolerating other people challenging his opinions and judgments. To him, once he has reached a conclusion, that is supposed to be the ultimate decision and he does not particularly consider that someone else could have a different view too. He is always craving for the stamp of approval from others and criticism of his opinions turns him off like anything.

  • Being patient with a Libra man is not easy as simple decisions like picking a restaurant or a movie will make them think a lot and it will take some time till they come to a conclusion. He often suffers from an indecisive nature and often this fear of taking a wrong decision prevents them from taking a decision at all.

  • He can be frivolous in his spending and make an extravagant purchase out of desire instead of necessity. This tendency of over indulging may lead to minor financial troubles.

  • He is rarely angry even in situations that compel him to be so because of his preference for harmony and peace. This has a downside that when he at all gets angry it’s a fierce outburst.

The Libra man in a relationship-

Relationships make the Libra born man feel complete and once he has found a suitable partner he will make sure his relationship is running strong. He is very romantic and loves to express his love. As much as he loves himself, he wants to be loved by someone else as well so in order to keep him happy you have to give as much as you receive.

If you ask for his honest opinion be ready to get just that which may not always pleasant on the ears. But however much honest he may be, he is not insensitive to your needs and will usually let you win an argument even if he is not the one at fault. One of his best traits is that he will always look past the flaws and focus on the positive side of his partner. If he really loves you, he won’t joke around and never lead you on coz that would be plain unfair.

He may take things very fast at times and talk about unrealistic expectations that can scare his partner away. A Libra man can act like a insulted child at times and his partner has to put in a lot of efforts and make him feel important and loved. He can be trusted upon and will not leave your side till you can live up to the image of a perfect love that he signed up for.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Libra and Gemini – Both being air signs; they showcase great compatibility and can live a relationship that is envied by others. They both meet each other’s needs perfectly and inspire to be better. The Gemini woman admires the social skills and the flattering nature of her partner whereas the Libra man is attracted by the outgoing and fun loving nature of her.

  • Libra and Aquarius – They have a lot of things in common and a natural connection both mentally and physically. Both are rational and excellent communicators which make them a match made in heaven. Both of them want a partner who is first and foremost their best friend with whom they can have fun and an interesting adventure.

  • Libra and Sagittarius – It’s a harmonious pair and they find solace in each other. They are typically a great match with sizzling chemistry. The Libra man will fall for the passionate, spontaneous and intense nature of a Sagittarius woman while she will appreciate the optimistic, honest, charming and attractive personality of his.

Basic Information about Libra-

Date Range 23rd September- 22nd October
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Venus
Compatible Signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Lucky days Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays
Lucky numbers 5,6,9
Lucky colors Blue, Green

The Virgo Woman

Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Leo and just before Libra. People who are born between 23rd August and 22nd September fall under this zodiac.

This particular sun sign originates from the second largest constellation called Virgo.  In the celestial longitude, Virgo spans between 150th degrees to 180th degrees.

This earth sign’s symbol represents a maiden. This maiden is Astraea who is the Goddess of purity and innocence in the Greek mythology. At the end of the Silver age, when all the Gods and Goddesses were fleeing to Olympus, she was the last immortal to leave Earth.

Hence this sign is associated with Earth. After abandoning Earth due to wickedness of humans, Astraea ascended in heaven and became the Virgo constellation. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this sign is “The seed-furrow”.

The positive traits of a Virgo woman-

  • A Virgo woman is known for being extremely meticulous. She pays attention to every single detail. No matter how big or small a thing is nothing can escape her eyes. Her precision and attention to all the little details are praiseworthy.

  • She is very sharp and intelligent. She loves to learn about new things to increase her knowledge and never gets tired of learning. She is always curious and keen about new things and this nature makes her amiable.

  • She is a practical woman. She doesn’t live in her own fantasy world or in a bubble. She is very much aware of what can happen and is always prepared to face it. Her practicality is one of her biggest strength.

  • She has a very analytical mind backed by the sense of reasoning. This allows a Virgo woman to clearly analyze every problem and come up with a solution for it no matter how complicated the situation is.

  • She is extremely reliable and you can depend on her actions. You can blindly trust her when it comes to giving a responsibility to a Virgo woman as she will carry it out perfectly. Her sense of actions is never affected by her emotions.

  • She is extremely humble and modest. She being a perfectionist, reliable and goal-oriented it is very natural that she will achieve great heights of success but she is never seen boasting about her achievements.

The negative traits of a Virgo woman-

  • She is a perfectionist and has a very clear picture in her mind of how she wants a thing to be. This makes her over-critical sometimes and she might end up losing the plot.

  • She is extremely fussy. As she pays great attention to every little detail in life, a Virgo woman will not rest until she has resolves all the problems. Moreover her strong likes and dislikes makes her very choosy.

  • She is also very fastidious and hence impressing a Virgo woman is a tough job. She craves for perfection and nothing escapers her eyes. These traits make satisfying her all the more difficult.

  • As she is very much in touch with the reality, she never sugar coats anything and says it just the way it is even if it sounds harsh to others. This can make her undesirable.

  • She is known for being a conservative woman and finds it difficult to embrace new and modern ideas.

The Virgo woman in a relationship-

A Virgo woman will probably be very scared when she falls in love. Being extremely feminine she will have a hard time making the first move and probably will never make one. She will expect her partner to sweep her off her feet by making the first move.  She might flirt but she will never go for a long term relationship with a man with whom she was direct with. A Virgo woman is more likely to fall in love with a man who will be more confident, more protective and stronger than she is. When in a relationship a Virgo woman will take care of her partner in every possible way until she is asked to stop. A Virgo woman wants to help her partner and does all his tasks even without being asked to do so. What she doesn’t understand is her need to help might make him feel useless and stupid. She needs everything to be perfect and this can make her disappointed and unhappy very often. A Virgo woman needs to understand that be it life or relationship, nothing can be perfect and accept things the way they are.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Virgo and Taurus: Both these Earth signs tend to be introvert and don’t like to socialize. They like to be at home and enjoy each other’s company. While Taurus can soothe a Virgo woman’s nervous nature and her tendency to worry, a Virgo woman doesn’t have to worry about her Virgo man doing something reckless. They together form a happy couple who gives each other the thing they need from a partner.

  • Virgo and Cancer: These two signs are highly compatible. Cancers are very emotional and thus a Virgo provides them with the right amount of support and reality check. Virgo serves as a rock on which a cancer can cling on to when the waves are harsh.

  • Virgo and Scorpio: These two signs attract each other. Scorpio loves Virgo’s calm and soothing approach to romance. They are also surprised by how calculative yet rational a Virgo’s view of love can be.

  • Virgo and Capricorn: These two signs also form a great couple. Virgo’s love how hardworking and serious a Capricorn is and also appreciates it. They also have a lot in common.

Basic information about Virgo-

Date range 23rd August – 20th September
Element Earth
Ruling planet Mercury
Compatible signs Taurus, cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Lucky days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers 5,6,2
Lucky colors Green, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange

The Virgo Man

Virgo occupies the sixth position of the zodiac table and people born within the dates 23nd of August and 22nd of September are natives of this sign.

The symbol of Virgo is a virgin who is holding sheaves of wheat in her hand. This denotes wisdom and as per their symbol, Virgo’s are shy and idealistic. They define pure modesty and wait to give herself to another person.

Mercury being the ruling planet, the ones born under this sign are observant and quick thinkers. The maiden that symbolizes them was according to the Greek mythology, the last immortal to abandon earth at the end of the silver age and her name was Astraea.

The element thus associated with this zodiac is none other than Earth. A Virgo man is balanced and fair and is also humble at the same time. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is ‘The Seed-Furrow’.

The Positive traits of a Virgo man-

  • He is not a person to rush things. He will take his time and go over once and more to make sure the work done is perfect with no mistakes committed. In other words, he is a perfectionist.

  • The personality trait of being shy makes a Virgo man be more involved in work or extra-curricular activities than socializing with other people. This leads to achievement of success and he usually ends up with a career that requires attention to small details.

  • He believes in fairness and is not afraid to speak up if he sees injustice being done even if he is not the victim. He follows the policy of honesty strongly and will not support unfair deeds of any sort.

  • Mercury being the planet that moves the fastest around Sun, the Virgo guy also tends to stay busy from dawn till dusk. Spending a productive day gives him happiness and satisfaction like no other.

  • Just like the Roman God of messages that rule him, a Virgo man is a very good communicator and is filled with energy from head to toe both physically and mentally.

  • He has an immensely serious sense of duty and along with his hardworking nature and efficiency, he strives towards his goals.

    The Negative traits of a Virgo man-

  • One of the major flaws in his personality is his low confidence level. This stops him from pursuing his ambitions. It also makes him shy and prevents him from socializing. This could hamper both his corporate as well as personal life.

  • The perfectionist nature of him and his habit of looking into every detail may lead to delays in the completion of his work. This can make him take a much longer time to finish his projects in office that may not work in his favor.

  • His continuous struggle to self-improve makes his life unnecessarily complicated. The over-analytical and hardly satisfied with anything nature stops him from enjoying his life and makes him worry a bit too much.

  • A Virgo man is self-absorbed and he can often turn selfish to fulfill his own aims. He is capable of going to extremes of both evil and goodness and can turn crafty and cunning in pursuit of monetary wealth. Disappointment transforms him into a cynic and skeptic person.

    The Virgo man in a relationship-

In the context of relationships, a Virgo man tends to be shy at first and he will prefer to take it slow. He will go with the flow but once he realizes that he has found a person who he can love and care for, there is nothing that he wouldn’t do to keep that person happy. A relationship with him won’t work out if you are looking for excitement but it will be loving and an honest one.

He always analyzes his behavior and will always go that extra way to improve himself and the relationship. He is very picky in terms of choosing a companion. He is not very expressive and speaking his heart out isn’t a thing he does often. This may sometimes make him seem reserved and unapproachable. He is very insecure and unbent on his expectations. He will always seek for perfection in the relationship which is why he rarely lasts long in it. He is dedicated to his lover but can also be quite superficial in matters of emotional intimacy. He is often a tad bit too practical and may let go of his partner if he finds too many flaws in her. However, he is a down to earth guy with ample of stability and excellence.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Virgo and Capricorn- Both of them connect beautifully on a mental as well as emotional level. They balance each other and make the most suitable partners. They both aim for perfectionism which makes their bond stronger. A Capricorn woman’s sense of humor brings relief to a Virgo man whose intellectualism and patience in turn helps to understand her.

  • Virgo and Cancer- The similarity in their likes and dislikes make them soul mates. They both prefer being at home rather than parties and understand each other with a lot of patience. Both of them need and want the same things which can make the relationship last a lifetime. The love and care provided by the Cancer woman is craved by the Virgo man whose patience and stability in life will in turn attract her.

  • Virgo and Taurus- They have the ability to understand each other and transform their relationship into a long term one. Their love compatibility is very strong and bond quite well. A Taurus female is very diligent, practical and hard-working that balances the critical nature of the Virgo man who manages her temper.

    Basic Information about Virgo-

Date Range 23rd August to 22nd September
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Mercury
Compatible Signs Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
Lucky Days Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Lucky Numbers 5,6,2
Lucky Colors Green, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange

The Leo Woman

Leo which is the Latin for lion is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Cancer and immediately before Virgo. It is a fire sign and people who are born between 21st July and 20th August falls under this particular zodiac.

In the celestial longitude, this sign spans between 120th degree to 150th degree. This sign originates from the Leo constellation. The symbol associated with this zodiac is that of Nemean Lion.

According to the Greek mythology, this vicious beast could not be killed by any weapon of a mortal as its golden fur was impenetrable and its claws were sharper than swords. Eventually this monster was killed by the Greek hero, Hercules. The Sumero-Babylonian name for this sign is “The Lion”.

The positive traits of a Leo woman-

  • A Leo woman is known for having a big heart. She is extremely kind. She will always help people in need and provide support to those who need it the most.

  • She is affectionate and will not shy away from expressing her love and concern toward the people she really cares about.

  • She is an extremely energetic individual. Being a fire sign, a Leo woman radiates energy and exudes positive vibes always. She can be the life of a party and turn a boring event into a happening one.

  • She is an extremely optimistic person. She always hopes for the best and failures and setbacks never dampen her spirit. She will start from the scratch and reach the top with complete determination and never lose hope.

  • Leo woman is very straight forward. Whatever is going on her mind she will say that right on your face without thinking about the end result.  Beating around the bush and playing with words is definitely not her thing.

  • A Leo woman is very loyal and ferociously faithful towards the people she is committed to. She also expects the same in return.  She is also extremely trustworthy.

  • She is an extremely social person and never shies away from the limelight. She is very confident about her intentions and has an aura about her. This nature can make her extremely successful in life.

The negative traits of a Leo woman-

  • A Leo woman is very head-strong and is also highly opinionated. She is hell-bent on proving her point and is extremely inflexible when it comes to considering other people’s opinions.  This nature of her can make her come off as an arrogant individual.

  • She has a very fragile ego and is an egoistic person.  Petty things and hurt her ego and she might retaliate back.  Her ego can form a big obstacle in her relationship and also in her career.

  • She is extremely possessive about her things and people close to her heart. Even though she is generous, a Leo woman does not believe in sharing. What’s her remains hers. She is extremely territorial and protects her loved ones ferociously. She also isn’t shy of letting people know what belongs to her.

  • She is very dominating and always wants to hold onto the reins. She wants to control everything and loses her cool when things don’t go her way. She expects people to follow her lead. However this nature might not suit everyone and cause a competition of power.

  • A Leo woman is also very impatient. Once she starts a thing she cannot stay focused on it for a long time and wants to get over with it as soon as possible. This can cause her a lot of stress and anxiety and also might be the reason behind failures.

  • As she is straight-forward she sometimes doesn’t take other people’s feelings into consideration and hurt them even without realizing. She can be extremely harsh with words and forgets that once a word comes out of our mouth it can never be taken back.

  • She tends to be over-confident sometimes. She is self-centered and believes whatever she says or does is always right.

The Leo woman in a relationship-

A Leo woman is extremely self-centered but when she falls in love, her whole world starts revolving around her lover. She will give her soul, her body and everything to the man she loves and will do everything to strengthen her relationship. She is extremely passionate and will fight and make up too. She will be affectionate, warm and will do everything as long as her personal space and independence is not in danger. She has a lot of expectations from her partner which sometimes becomes extremely difficult to be met all at once. Love can change her from an arrogant and savage lioness to an affectionate and mellow one. However she will be dominating and will rarely follow rules made by others.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Leo and Aries: Both these signs are highly compatible. They are lovers and also very good friends at the same time. Both of them are extremely energetic and outgoing which makes them a power couple.

  • Leo and Gemini: Both of this sign gives each other the right amount of personal space and thus can be a very successful relationship. This couple knows how to keep things interesting and spicy.

  • Leo and Libra: The fun and outgoing nature of a Libra man attracts a Leo woman the most. Along with keeping pace with Libra’s exotic social life, a Leo woman will also provide stability which will make this couple stronger.

  • Leo and Sagittarius: It is undoubtedly the most satisfying relationship for a Leo woman. Both the signs are open-minded and respect each other’s freedom. There is a passion and spontaneity in this relationship.

Basic information about Leo-

Date Range 21st  July – 20th August
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Sun
Compatible Signs Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 1,5,9
Lucky Colors Golden, Orange, Yellow, Red

The Leo Man

Being the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, this sign is characterized by the date span 22nd July to 23rd August. This sign is symbolized by the “Lion” which accurately describes the Leo natives as they consider themselves to be the rulers of this world.

Just like lions, Leo’s tend to be strong and dignified. A Leo-born is opinionated and a natural leader. Leo’s consider themselves to be the center of the universe just like their ruling planet, the Sun.

They are outgoing and have an immense amount of determination to succeed. This sign can be counted on for their decisive capabilities and loyalty. Fire being their element, everything about them is fiery.

They are fearless, dynamic and self-confident. They love to take charge and bigger the stage, the better for them. Leo natives in spite of being bossy are considered as role models due to their creativity, undaunted ambition and loyalty. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Lion”.

Positive Traits in a Leo Man-

  • He is a born leader and carries an air of inspiration around him. This makes other people look up to him and take his opinions seriously. He is very confident about his actions even if he is not sure of what he is doing. This impresses the onlookers especially bosses and can swiftly move him to higher positions at his workplace.

  • One of his best traits is his unflinching ambition. A Leo man has big plans for his life and future and can do anything in order to accomplish them.

  • It’s not possible to miss a Leo man with his warm nature, enthusiasm and dignified aura of power around him.

  • He considers this world to be a stage where he is playing the role of the lead actor. He loves the limelight and craves to be the center of attention. His dramatic flair and creativity often allow them to shine in the fields of acting, fashion, painting and writing.

  • He is immensely generous, loyal and honorable with an outgoing, confident personality.

  • As a lover, he is wonderfully romantic, completely devoted, utterly passionate and fiercely protective.

Negative Traits in a Leo Man-

  • A Leo man’s high confidence level and aura may make him seem like a narcissistic and a vain person to the people around him and could push away friends or potential life partners.

  • He is highly opinionated and stubborn regarding certain things. He may remain fixed at his views no matter how much people try to show him another side of the matter. Nobody can change his decisions once he makes up his mind and he is so ascertain about the fact that he is correct, he will barely pay any heed to other words.

  • He can be quite bossy, pretentious and self-absorbed which often leads to problems in his relationship.

  • He has a bad reputation of being selfish and putting his own needs before the needs of people in his life. He is a spendthrift person often wasting money on unnecessary luxury items and saving for a rainy day might as well be a foreign concept to him.

  • A Leo man can be extremely possessive and sometimes unreasonable in a relationship. Even if you tease him by taking a name of another man, he will be ready to take him down.

  • He also has a huge and an extremely fragile ego. One has to be very careful with words as even a petty thing can hurt his alpha male ego. This can create problems in his career and love life.

  • He can be ruthless with words when provoked. He says whatever comes to his mouth without even giving it a second thought. This can hurt other people’s feelings but his hot-tempered nature is to be blamed for this outburst.

The Leo man in a relationship-

The Leo males are the most romantic males of the zodiac. They are very loving and love pampering and giving gifts to his partner without any reason at all. He is highly attracted to women who are as optimistic and enthusiastic as he is. He craves for attention, flattery and appreciation and his partner needs to be a good audience and tell him every now and then how amazing he is. He is extremely chivalrous but he’ll be the one to do all the domination.

A Leo man can’t survive without love. Unlike many males, he loves candle light dinner, long walks on moonlit night and other romantic things. He needs constant attention of his partner and also needs to be pampered. Once you step into his den there is no fooling around or going back. He is very possessive and once you make it official you need to be completely committed towards your Leo man. He is very territorial and doesn’t believe in sharing. He can be extremely envious of any other man in your life even if he is your best friend.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Leo and Aries: They together can form a fiery couple. They can either keep the fire burn bright or burn the house down. Botha re passionate lovers and are also very ambitious.

  • Leo and Libra: They make a perfect couple and their love story has a happy ending. The Libra woman will always be ready with compliments while the Leo man will love having intellectual conversations with her.

  • Leo and Sagittarius: These two signs are made for each other and it’s the best relationship a Leo man can have. They have a lot in common and thus are highly compatible. Their true love and even overcome distance when in a long-distance relationship.

Basic information about Leo-

Date Range 22nd  July – 23rd August
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Sun
Compatible Signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 1,5,9
Lucky Colors Golden, Orange, Yellow, Red

The Cancer Woman

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac chart and comes right after Gemini. This zodiac sign originates from the medium sized Cancer constellation.

People who are born between 21st June and 20th July belong to this particular sun sign. The symbol that represents this sign is Karkinos which was a giant crab in the Greek mythology.

According to the Greek mythology, Karkinos was the crab that was continuously pestering Heracles or Hercules during his heroic battle with the Hydra. It is believed that it had bit Heracles on his foot during the fight after which he had crushed it.

However after this Goddess Hera, sworn enemy and step mother of Heracles had placed Karkinos among the stars in order to show her appreciation. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Crayfish”.

The Positive traits of a Cancer woman-

  • A Cancer woman has a very creative nature. She has a very strong imagination and visualizing power. As a result of which she is always full of innovative ideas which can be used in various cases and situations.

  • She is extremely spontaneous. A Cancer woman has the power to think and act spontaneously. It acts as a guiding force for her and moreover her intuition hardly goes wrong. She can rely almost blindly on her intuitive power for making any major decisions.

  • She is known for her faithfulness towards others. Being a super sensitive sign, Cancer woman is extremely faithful and devoted towards her family and people who are close to her heart.

  • She is also very generous and will always help out her family, friends and the ones in need even without giving it a second thought. She always puts her friends and family before her own self.

  • She has a loving nature. Her family is very important for her and makes sure that everyone feels loved and wanted. People who live far away from home can also feel the warmth and affection of a Cancer woman.

  • Being a water sign, she is extremely emotional and is moved by very little things. In hard times a Cancer woman can place herself in the shoes of others and feel what they are going through. She empathizes with other people and loves to take good care of them.

  • She is also extremely territorial and protective when it comes to her belonging, area, loved ones and relationships. Though shy and soft spoken, a Cancer woman will make it known to everyone what’s her and will protect it no matter what.

  • She has a mother-like nature and loves to take care of her family and nurture them with love and affection.

The Negative traits of a Cancer woman-

  • A Cancer woman can be extremely moody. Being a water sign, her mood swings can be very unpredictable. She can be happy and affectionate one moment and grumpy and aloof the very next moment. It becomes very difficult for the people around her to keep a pace with her mood changes.

  • She is a pessimist and always thinks about the worst possible outcome. Failures and setbacks can easily dampen her spirit and make her feel hopeless.

  • Being a crab, she can have a clingy nature. She finds it very difficult to let go things and people close to her heart. She tends to hold onto a thing for very long and gradually hurt her own self. She finds it very difficult to leave the past behind and move on.

  • A Cancer woman is over-emotional and tends to take petty matters seriously. Even little things can have deep and long lasting effects on her mind and it was cause serious harm to her health.

  • She can be suspicious at times. She is always skeptical about other people’s intentions as she is scared of getting hurt. She is always in a state of doubt and cross-checks everything.

  • She is a nagger right from birth and keeps on complaining about little things continuously. This nature might irritate people around her.

The Cancer woman in a relationship-

A Cancer woman gets extremely attached with the person she loves and can even be a little clingy at times. Before taking every crucial step, she seeks the approval of her partner. To her, trust and faith are extremely important when it comes to relationships and she tends to be very careful before giving her heart away to someone. She will be extremely loyal to the man who can make her feel comfortable and secure and in turn she will protect him emotionally, make him feel wanted and provide a shoulder to rest on. Being empathetic towards others emotions, she knows what’s exactly going on in her partner’s mind. This ability to feel other people’s troubles and emotions allow her to come up with a solution real quick.  She needs to hear constantly from her partner how much wanted and important she is or else she might feel hurt and unwanted. If a man shows how much she means to him, she will gradually come out of that hard shell that protects her from being vulnerable. Howe ever if wronged, a Cancer woman will shut you out permanently.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Cancer and Taurus: Both of these signs have good communication skill which will allow them to talk out their problems. This couple has a lot in common. Both of them feels the need of a family and are good with money.

  • Cancer and Scorpio: Both being water signs, they understand each other extremely well. Their love life is bound to be passionate as they provide each other exactly what they need. They are highly compatible.

  • Cancer and Pisces: These two water signs are very similar to one another which make them an amazing couple. They have a lot in common as well.

Basic information about Cancer-

Date Range 21st June – 20th July
Element Water
Ruling Planet The Moon
Compatible Signs Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 2,7,9
Lucky colors Blue, Silver

The Cancer Man

The Cancer zodiac comes in the fourth position of the Western astrology table. The symbol of this zodiac is “The Crab” which relates to the timid, hiding in a shell and observant nature of the ‘cancer’ natives.

They are also fiercely protective, defensive for the people they love and when they hold onto something they do it with much persistence and don’t easily let go. Being a true water sign, they are highly empathic, tremendously intuitive and very emotional.

The specialty of this sign is that they are able to sense the emotional turbulences and feelings of another person and can pin point it correctly. Ruled by the moon, they possess this special pull which gives them the unique ability of emotionally reading a person with very little effort staying their own protective shell. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac sign is “The Crayfish”.

Positive Traits of a Cancer Man-

  • His greatest strength lies in his stability and dependability of his character. He is a polite soul with inborn chivalry and old school good manners.

  • A cancer man has high intuitive skills which makes him give beneficial advice to his closed ones. He also is generally bestowed with dramatic or literary talent.

  • He loves his family and home more than anything else in the world and make excellent life partners and parents. His family-oriented nature allows him to be the best husband and father.

  • On the work front, a Cancer man is highly tenacious and persistent. His extreme determination helps him to achieve his work related goals and objectives.

  • He is a very loving, compassionate and sensitive human being, doing all that he can and even more for the people in his life.

  • He is a very charitable person and finds it very hard to turn down a person. There is a special connect with animals and is often seen taking in stray or wounded animals.

  • Once he falls in love, he is very loyal to his partner and can sacrifice anything in order to keep the other person happy.

Negative Traits of a Cancer Man-

  • He is quite close-minded and once he forms a judgment about another person, it’s not likely to change. He is also not forgiving in nature and usually remembers insults for a long time.

  • His characteristics include extreme mood swings that are due to the lunar phases of its ruling planet, the moon. One moment they can be perfectly friendly and conversant with you and the next they may feel insulted and sulk. This can turn off people and showcase an incorrect first impression.

  • Just like a crab, the Cancer man tends to be hard on the outside and soft in the interior. Exteriorly, he may be sarcastic and crabby but actually he is quite affectionate and gentle. He takes it slow and demands a considerable amount of time before bringing down the smokescreen and letting anyone enter into their private space as they are driven by the fear of getting hurt or betrayed.

  • He is a very sensible soul and needs to be handled with care. If he feels threatened of getting hurt, he will retreat back into his shell and not let that person in ever again. His vindictive and overly protective nature also poses a problem.

The Cancer Man in a Relationship-

A Cancer man is known to be a romantic lover and satisfying his partner and fulfilling her needs are among his top priorities. He prefers to find a woman with whom he can spend the rest of his life and stay committed to. At the beginning, he can be quite shy and reserved and might take a long time to open up but once he does so, no other zodiac can be as caring or loving as him. He is very loyal and unquestionably devotes himself to his lover and expects her to do the same. This may sometimes make his partner feel trapped and suffocated in the relationship. The overly protective and clingy nature of his can turn off a woman. Handling a Cancer guy is not easy and his partner must make sure to be very kind, gentle, encouraging and true to him to make the relationship work. Once he gets comfortable in the relationship, he becomes a surprisingly passionate and ardent lover. His unique capability of sensing the opposite person’s thoughts and feelings allow him to be a sensible and skillful lover. He doesn’t like conflicts and in times of argument, he will generally choose to remain quiet and calm. When a Cancer man gets in a serious relationship, his insecurities come to surface and bothers him and thus needs a partner who understands this and reassures him.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Cancer and Scorpio- The pair between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman gains success as both of them have the same desires and personalities. Both of them being intuitive can understand each other well. This water-water pair works on bringing each other out of their shell and facing the world together.

  • Cancer and Pisces- They share excellent love compatibility between them due to their matching natures. They can balance each other out emotionally and know perfectly what the other person needs. He will provide her the correct guidance in times of stress and she will have a deep understanding of her man and his feelings.

  • Cancer and Taurus- This pair can definitely find true love as both of them usually have the same interests allowing them to spend a lot of time together. A Cancer man will try his best to fulfill all of his ‘Bull’ partners need while a Taurus woman is loyal and will readily give him all her attention.

Basic Information about Cancer-

Date Range 21st June- 20th July
Element Water
Ruling Planet The Moon
Compatible Signs Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Lucky Numbers 7,9,2
Lucky Colors Blue, Silver

The Gemini Woman

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac chart and comes right after Taurus. This sign originates from the Gemini constellation. People who are born between 21st May and 20th June belong to this particular sun sign.

The symbol for Gemini is a twin, Pollux and Castor. According to the Roman and Greek mythology, these twin brothers are together called Dioscuri. It is believed that after death of Castor, Pollux begged his father, Zeus, so that he could share his immortality with his twin and stay together forever.

His wish was granted and the twin brothers were turned into the Gemini constellation. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Great Twins”.

The positive traits of a Gemini woman

  • Gemini woman can adjust easily to any given situation. She is broad-minded which does not make her a shallowly judgmental person. She believes in living in the moment and wants to enjoy every bit of it.

  • She is extremely versatile. Attracted by wide range of subjects in various fields, a Gemini woman will try her hand in many things. She will succeed in most of them but never get stuck to a boring task.

  • A Gemini woman is also very enthusiastic and always has her sunny side up. This is what makes her a charming woman and attracts people towards her. She is always craving to accomplish new things in life.

  • She is soft spoken and has an amazing communication skill which adds on to her charm. This characteristic of a Gemini woman makes her extremely successful as she can easily make people agree and sell out almost anything with her magical verbal skill.

  • A Gemini woman’s wit is sharp as a knife and she can effortlessly impress anyone and everyone. Starting from politics to fashion trends, she has knowledge about everything.

  • Everyone will crave for her company as she has a very good sense of humor. Her spontaneity can never get anyone bored.

  • She is an intellectual person right from birth and loves learning about new things. She is extremely sharp and clever. Even though she is soft spoken, a Gemini woman will always voice out her opinion.

  • No matter what her age is, she will always remain young at heart and evergreen.


The negative traits of a Gemini woman

  • A Gemini woman lacks consistency. She is so sharp and good at various things that she cannot stay focused at a single project for a long time. Midway through, she loses interest and moves on to the next. This acts as a major drawback.

  • She is often tagged to be superficial in nature. This arises because she is incapable of paying attention to every small detail and is also unable to dig deeper into matters.

  • She is also known to be whimsical and lacks the decision making ability. As Gemini represents the twins, it’s almost like two women are dwelling in one body. When it comes to making a crucial decision she is in two minds and cannot take charge. This nature of hers makes her lose out on many opportunities in life.

  • As she is very enthusiastic, she tends to take more than what she can handle at a time. This causes her a lot of stress and becomes extremely anxious very often. This gives rise to her erratic nature.

  • She is not very good with handling feelings and emotions and tends to hide it away. Not expressing her emotions can take a toll on her love life and it also makes her aloof and distant.

  • She can easily become bored if she lives in the same environment for a long time. She is fidgety and her mind is always wandering from one place to another.

  • She is so full of knowledge that people might find her presence to be intimidating sometimes.

The Gemini woman in a relationship

A Gemini woman changes when she falls in love. This witty woman is suddenly full of sweet talks and loves cuddling which is very unlikely of her. It doesn’t take long for a Gemini woman to fall in love but it takes even lesser time for her to fall out of it. Her whimsical nature makes it difficult for her to remain committed to a single person for a long time. She usually falls for an intelligent man who can challenge her in debates and from whom she can learn new things. If her partner does not make her happy and satisfy her, a Gemini woman will set herself free from the relationship. Being an Air Goddess, it’s impossible to chain down her spirits. She loves to travel from one place to another and meet new people so if her partner becomes insecure or is possessive, it might result in an unhappy relationship.

Compatibility with other signs

  • Gemini and Aries: Together they make an exciting couple. Both of them respect each other’s independence and loves going on adventure. The excitement that an Aries man provides attracts the Gemini woman the most.

  • Gemini and Leo: They are the Dynamic duo. Both of them are extremely social and are bound to have fun together. Though a Leo man is more stable, he will sometimes accompany a Gemini woman on her adventures and also won’t have any problem if she chooses to go alone.

  • Gemini and Libra: Both of these air signs form an amazing couple. They enjoy having a thoughtful conversation together and they live in a world of their own.

  • Gemini and Aquarius: These two air signs are also highly compatible. Both of them are full of life and passion and loves adventures.

Basic information about Gemini:

Date Range 21st May – 20th  June
Element Air
Ruling Planet Mercury
Compatible Signs Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Lucky Numbers 5,14,23,32,41
Lucky color Green

The Gemini Man

Born within the dates 21st of May and 20th of June? Gemini then it is. The symbol of this zodiac is the “Twins” which represent dual nature, true balance and perfect harmony.

The term ‘Gemini’ itself means twins in Latin. Their constellation is based on the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux where one is immortal and the other mortal. Gemini has the capability to tackle such situations which are poles apart in life and there lies a cool duplicity in them.

Being a true ‘Air’ sign, they symbolize youth, impatience, vibrancy and a good converser. Ruled by the planet Mercury which is the fastest and the nearest planet to the Sun, the Gemini too has speedy thoughts and great oratory skills.

It is under the influence of Mercury that they are very restless and fickle minded people. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Great Twins”.

Positive traits of a Gemini man-

  • He is a master of communication and is always on the search for more knowledge. Intellectuality and wittiness are the feathers of his crown.
  • He is a very balanced person and can see both the sides of an issue without any difficulty.
  • Being a social sign, he is utmost comfortable in social gatherings and loves to speak and bring forth his opinions on a matter.
  • He enjoys the company of someone who can challenge his wits and is popular for his sense of humor. He is also the life of a party or a social get together and is anything but boring.
  • The Gemini man has an open mind and a loving and generous nature. He is always there for the people in need and ready to help when he is called for.
  • He is the true spirit of a party and can instantly lift up a person’s mood. He regards life as a game which everyone should enjoy while it lasts.
  • A Gemini man has the ability to think and take a decision at the moment and can do several tasks simultaneously without giving anyone a chance to complain.
  • He is extremely flexible and goes with the flow, approaching the challenges of life with optimism and logic.
  • Among all the zodiacs, he is the most free-spirited one along with being smart and adjusting.


Negative traits of a Gemini man-

  • The biggest flaw in a Gemini man is that he avoids doing hard work. He wants to achieve his goals without delving deep into any matter.
  • He has zero concentration and continues to shift from one project or hobby to another because of his fickle mindedness.
  • A Gemini man can also be extremely short tempered and pick up unneeded arguments during which they lash out to the other person in the bitterest way possible.
  • He is prone to extreme mood swings and become very critical and cynical about the people interacting with him at the time, leading to the end of many strong bonds.
  • A Gemini man can be very secretive and contradictory in his own dealings. This is due to his dual nature and can affect his decision making skills.
  • Patience is something he is not known for and often, his childishness and restlessness can pose a problem for him in both relationships and business projects.
  • He can be malicious and change colors when required. He can go back on his words to suit his needs.
  • A Gemini man is very gullible and judges people on the face value. He easily bestows his trust on others which can get him in trouble.

The Gemini Man in a Relationship-

If you are searching for a witty partner and a relationship with someone who can spread joy in your life anytime, then a Gemini man will be your ideal choice. A Gemini man is very charming, flirts a lot and girls can’t resist him at all. He doesn’t fall in love easily but when de does, he does it with all his heart and a lot of passion.

However he is very popular with the girls and his restless nature can make it difficult for him to stick to one person. When he does fall in love, he tries to hide his feelings and not be vulnerable but is completely loyal to his partner. The fact that he is such a good communicator and listener prevents arguments in his relationship. If you have to keep a Gemini man hooked on, you have to make sure to keep the relationship interesting and lively. He loves diversity and will get bored if the routine remains the same. The perfect partner for a Gemini man should be stable, intelligent, secure enough to give him the space he needs and practical. Just like all the other Air signs, the way to a Gemini man’s heart is through his mind. There is nothing that he likes more than a sensible, witty banter with his partner. If you want to keep him for long term, you just need to emphasize on two things- space and diversity.

Gemini Compatibility

  • Gemini and Libra- The Gemini man and the Libra woman have the best love compatibility among all the zodiacs. This air-air pair gets along very well with each other where the Gemini man invokes passion in her and she keeps the relationship balanced with her rationality.
  • Gemini and Aquarius- This pair is a perfect match. Both of them are intellectual and social and always keep each other fascinated and interested in each other. Both have the same element ‘Air’ and the Aquarius woman helps to bring balance and harmony in the life of a Gemini man. This is one love story that is bound to succeed.
  • Gemini and Leo- This relationship proves to be very passionate and exciting. The ‘Lion’ woman will want to take control which the Gemini man won’t have a problem with as he will also be getting stability and routine from her. They will bring out the best in each other.

Basic Information about Gemini-

Date Range 21st May- 20th June
Element Air
Ruling Planet Mercury
Compatible Signs Libra, Aquarius, Leo
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Lucky Numbers 5,6,14,32,23
Lucky colors Green, Yellow, Orange